The Gang is Headed to Auction Labor Day Weekend!!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 267!!

The gang is headed to Auburn, Indiana!
, Richard Rawlings, JD Pass, and Dave Hall!

Auburn is the birth place of the collector automobile market with the 1st nationally recognized collector auction on Labor Day in 1971 and held consecutively ever since!

World Wide Auctioneers:

– 1963 Corvette Split Window (Episode 253):.

– 1959 Porsche 356 A Convertible D (Episode 236):.

Dennis' Personal Collection:.
– 1971 Porsche 911T:.

– 1980 BMW M1:.



@patterns. media.

(Jeep CJ & Wrangler Professionals):.
Phone: 972-442-6189.
Address: 3101 W FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098.

BLKMTN (Jeep JK & JL Components, Accessories, Conversions & Upgrades):.

* All Audio and SFX legally downloaded and certified from Envato.

The Gang is Headed to Auction Labor Day Weekend!!

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  1. That has to be one of the most stressful careful drives Dennis ever had, imagine it got wrecked through no fault of his own after the spend on it!!!! Great work all at Collins Bros!

  2. This will be the 10th year for me at Worldwide. Looking forward to being there, placing some bids and some good food!!! Awesome auction and look forward to seeing you guys!!

  3. Great video! The amount of care that goes into your builds is impressive! Having the speaker cones re-papered in the M1 is but one example.

  4. You guys amaze me with the amount of detail and depth you put into the cars you restore. The passion I see in your employees for the detail and bringing life back to a piece of history is amazing. 👍🏻

  5. Dennis why I really like your videos and you as a person is because you never act like a snobby rich person and you always pay a very fair price to everyone you buy cars from. You don’t try to rip them off to get every penny you can make. You get your hands dirty, to make money rather than just paying other people to do it. You don’t need to make these videos but you do it anyways. Thank you.

    1. Definitely a smart business man, found something he loves & found a way to make a great living at it. Obviously surrounds himself with guys with the same passion. Great model to follow.

    2. @Buck Naked yes, absolutely. A lot of people find something they love and find a way to make money from it but the way Dennis treats people is what I really like. And yes he surrounds himself with hard-working people. Guy probably has enough money to sit back and relax for the rest of his life, but he gets up every day and goes to work.

    3. I agree 110% with this comment and the 2 replies. I enjoy your videos and have learned a lot too about cars. I’m glad that he searches and works on different cars, especially Mustangs. I had a Mustang as a HS gradation present and had it for about 3yrs, wish I still had it. Thanks Dennis!!

  6. Dennis never stops closing. Even when he eats, he’s closing. If coffee is for closers. This man has earned the whole pot.

  7. We are so glad to have you and your group Dennis each week to watch , it’s a joy to peer into the world of what it takes to make beautiful cars come out of their slumber and turn heads , you are the Santa Claus of classic cars

  8. I’m amazed at the cars you’re sending to auction. I’m sure they will bring top price for the amount of detail you put into them.

  9. You are probably the most down to earth guy who shows respect to everyone. That’s tops in my book. I kick myself for not keep some of my older cars, 76 Trans am, 69 chevelle. 71 torino, 66 Bellaire 2 door. 71 vw squareback.

  10. Great content and cast of characters. Been following for awhile and you never disappoint. Cheers!

  11. How this channel dosent have over a million subscribers Is actually crazy it’s goldmine in car lovers content 👍🏻

  12. Dennis, you continue to be a class act and the channel only gets better. Keep it up and good luck in Indiana next week!

  13. Zac is amazing the way he puts these videos together. Absolutely A plus. Dennis is very professional and I am sure it makes Zac’s job easier.

  14. Dennis is a Class Act from top to bottom. He respects everyone he runs into and appreciates people who share his passion. Thank you Sir for your contribution to car world.

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