The Greatest 911s Ever Made? 2.7 RS vs GT3 RS 4.0

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The Greatest 911s Ever Made? 2.7 RS vs GT3 RS 4.0

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  1. Great to see a classic on the channel ! And what a legend this is, this 2.7RS. You’re a very lucky man, Sam

  2. Hi Sam, thank you, very cool Porsches, fun to have a compare & contrast, especially on those mountain roads.
    They look awesome, albeit quite challenging in stormy weather✌Video is up there with your 2023 greats ☺

  3. Love Porsches, but you should’ve driven some of their great V8s, cars the rest of the world never got, HO Falcons, Holdens, etc., the Bathurst cars.

  4. Loved this episode. As the owner of an aging ‘classic’ Porsche, I have come to respect and appreciate them much more over time. The connectedness of everything compared to today’s cars is night and day! ❤👊

  5. We hadn’t had any rain for such a looooong time and you guys brought it with you, so the “Sunshine Coasters” thank you for breaking the drought and I hope it made you feel a little more at home Sam! 🙂

  6. It wasn’t “bored out” to a 4.0, it was a different crank and rods for a longer stroke. Pistons are still the 3.8 size.

  7. RS 4.0 for me is the greatest 911 of all time. Number 1 dream car for me. A local Porsche dealer near me has one listed for 850k. Just insanity. I’ll be curious if they ever come down again. Great video Sam!

  8. All this from a boy who didn’t like Porsche 😂 thank goodness for the conversion, it’s saved your soul! Outstanding content as ever, thanks Sam

  9. Perfect dream garage actually with a 2,7 Rs, Gt3 Rs 4.0 and a 991R, which are the 3 best 911s ever, parked in front of that restaurant! Nice video even if the sun was not out….❤

  10. Another great video from STG. Thank you Sam, and keep the great content coming. Two great cars that you brought to life for us.

  11. I live in palmwoods and saw you driving out of it. We seriously hadn’t had any rain for months that you would of seen water tankers doing deliveries to people who had run out. I drive past ricks garage every day and absolutely love seeing the cars that it draws. I saw about 20 Ferrari’s on one occasion. Saw a maybach there today.

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