The Hidden Past Of My Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale?!

I've now owned my Ferrari 360 Difficulty Stradale for a few months, had an initial mechanical examination done by AV Engineering, spent around ₤ 5,000 on essential work and completed a 1,000 mile trip. In this video, I discuss 'what's next' for the car by checking out DK Engineering, Cars And Truck Audio Security and Hilton & Moss … where I find my cars and truck may have had a more intriguing past than I realised.

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The Hidden Past Of My Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale?!

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  1. on the permanent phone mount: just get someone to 3d-print a mount with a quadlock (garmin) phone mount. Or with a build in charger.
    Will probably match the plastics in the car quite well too

    1. maybe with some CAD work you could even integrate MagSafe into it… I have a 3D-printed phone holder with a regular Yosh mount in my car, it sticks between tachometer and dashboard.

  2. Why not use a Porsche PCCM radio? It’s Android so you can replace the Porsche logo in the startup screen and it has Apple car play in a single din radio.

    1. Yup was just about to say this.. its a classic look and works perfectly with CarPlay – and with an extra dongle wireless car play.

  3. You know what to do. No rush. The journey is better than the destination. And, you’ve waited long enough. Just enjoy it. Maybe do the sound stuff. Then pick up the big paint stuff & buttons during a winter period.

  4. I recently had a Pioneer SPH-EVO950DAB installed in my F430. It’s amazing! Wireless Car Play / Android Auto. Google maps on a decent screen. No messing about with cradles and cables. Best of all, it doesn’t look out of place!

    1. Well, you can’t get high-end audio without cables…but yeah sounds like a very interesting device. I love Pioneer audio stuff, they’re excellent.

    2. You can always wrap it and change it every time…then it keeps value and you have always a special coloured car

    3. @@pistonburner6448agree! I meant the USB cables plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. Mines a Spider so a little noisy so I’m not sure that it’s a good platform for high-end audio.

    4. @@danofficial117a previous owner had replaced the stereo in mine. TBH it’s not something that I considered. I use mine regularly, attending as many meets and shows as possible. Plan some European drives so functionality is more important. Now if my car did have the original unit, I would have kept it for the next owner.

  5. Definitely stick with a single din head unit, like you said a CarPlay screen would block the air con controls but also it would be a bit low to be that practical anyway

  6. The F50 is the dream though, it has the block from Prosts 90’s F1 car. It’s a Ferrari that sounds like no other 😎

  7. Nice to see the 191. I’ve posted before that as a kid at the RDS in Dublin in late 1991, and acting on the orders of my big brother, I snuck under the barriers and tried to climb into it before security got me. The eventually agreed I was allowed to sit on the front wheel. I also met the then-unknown Alessandro Zanardi, who eventually became Alex Zanardi. He didn’t speak much English at the time. I still have his autograph. Good old days. Also a huge MSC fan.

  8. I wouldn’t bother with the double din screen. As bizarre as it seems, consider the Porsche classic radio single din and get the bezel painted to remove the word Porsche. The era of button style will look closer than a modern car stereo.

  9. It’s your forever car, no rush for any of these items to get done! Take your time, enjoy the car.

  10. Thanks Sam, great video. I noticed you had a camera person in this one that added some more depth to the cinematography. Appreciate your work!

  11. 6:08 this car looks so amazing among the british green and grey. it’s really one of the most beautiful classic yet timeless super cars there is. they did a great job on this.

  12. Sam, enjoyed the video as always. I had commented some years ago that the Normal Guy Supercar channel out of Texas did a video oh how to perfectly fix the sticky buttons yourself, which he did on his 360. 4k is a lot of readies for buttons mate. Been enjoying the channel for years and love the new car.

  13. I agree with the plan, make is mechanically sound right now then work on the paint and interior during the winter.

  14. Absolutely loved the style of this video, seeing you being filmed it gives a whole different vibe. Big ups Sam and continue with the awesome work. Love from South Africa🇿🇦

  15. Enjoy seeing a vid with a separate videographer rather than all handheld and tripod shots. Nice change, feels like a good upgrade in production values and a refreshing look to your videos. Nicely done 👍

  16. Mines got a few scars from track days etc. at least it’s been used properly. Got a few bits mechanically this year but I agree take your time and get it how you want it

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