The Honda S2000 Is Still a Fantastic Old-School Sports Car


This is a 2000 Honda S2000. This AP1 S2000 is the initial version of one of the most iconic roadsters from the modern-day age. When this automobile initially came out, its powertrain was criticized for being too peaky, but all these years later on that's simply one of this automobiles lots of charms. We are enjoyed be offering this S2000 for sale on CARS & BIDS !! Today I'm examining this Honda S2000, and I'll show you all the numerous peculiarities and features. I'll also support the wheel and review the driving experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:39 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:13 Overview
03:21 Interior Quirks & Features
04:07 Hidden Radio
04:48 Chauffeur Focused Interior
06:01 Gauge Cluster
06:58 Some Animal Comforts
07:39 Convertible Roofing Operation
08:52 Missing Benefits
11:50 Performance
15:13 Badging & Call History
16:14 Outside Styling
17:12 Rear End
17:59 Trunk
19:43 Driving Experience
24:47 Final Ideas
25:12 DougScore

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The Honda S2000 Is Still a Fantastic Old-School Sports Car

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    1. @@Only_Ameen04 but he doesn’t CARE about reliability. Just fun. But ‘ fun ‘ will cost him

    1. @@ChR0nos_7734but this is the FOURTH time. If he loves it so much, why can he buy one?
      Is it because there’s so many on his Cars And Bids that NO ONE buys em?

    2. YAH, Like maybe he is really hyping this car up to get more money on his auction site? just a thought., I mean yah its a Honda but still, Its just a Honda. I dont care what similar cars its put up against there still over priced and if im gonna spend bmw money on a car im gonna buy a BMW

    1. There’s a video on YouTube that Larry Chen did from a performance shop that has built a beautiful “Type R” example. It’s amazing. You should be able to find it easily

    2. Its essentially already a Type R. Forged internals, FRM reinforced cylinder walls, 9k redline. The list goes on…

    1. Yup- and now Doug F’d that up, same goes for the GTR & NSX which literally could be bought for 1/2 or 1/3 what they go for now only 5-10 years ago

  1. You know a car is THAT good when it’s been reviewed by the same person for FOUR times. What. A. Car. Bravo, Honda, bravo.

    1. Nah bro, I’d get if it was one standard one and one limited edition, top spec but he’s just rinsing for views at this point

    2. @@nickt8050 I have a vague idea that the big investors in C&B concluded that Doug must do much more reviews in tie with the auctions

    3. To those who are amused when Doug makes videos of the same car multiple times. Years before he had Cars and Bids, he already had 2 reviews of the S2000. And what’s the problem with him doing a new one of the same car? He’s making money….doesn’t everyone want to make money?

    1. Hi m8 from australia, when was the last USA built car that was the most popular car of the year? And what was it? MUST BE BUILT IN THE US!

  2. around 2 years ago from now Doug reviewed the Honda Beat calling it a baby S2000 and now here it is all grown up 😭.

    1. And that same year he reviewed a s2000 which interestingly was a year after he reviewed another s2000 which ofc was the successor to the s2000 he reviewed 3 years before that

    2. @@anthonygiardina322 No, the Del Sol was a FWD. Honda Beat was a kei car, RWD, low horsepower, absolutely tiny engine, and significantly lighter than the Del Sol.

  3. Very surreal to see Doug reviewing my childhood dream car in the same parking lot where I learned to ride a motorcycle. lol

    1. ​@@253Peazyyeah I know what you mean people tell me that they can’t believe mine is a 2001 it’s in such good condition but that’s because I treat it like the king it is

    2. same goes for the Honda del sol. Sadly the del sol has a bad rep performance wise. but when i had my 97 delsol people would still compliment it all the time. that was back in 2014.

  4. I owned a s2000 for 15 years, regret selling it everyday. I actually owned two, a V8 swapped one and a highly modified stock engine one, I preferred the stockish one overall, best driving experience I have ever had to this day. I’m currently looking for another one.

    1. I hate people that complain about regretting selling a vehicle when they didn’t have to sell it….

    2. @@Toyota4Life you don’t know, maybe this guy fell into a bind and had to pay bills at the time my man, not everyone is well off, sometimes financial emergencies happen 🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. @@Toyota4Lifei hate when people judge other people’s decisions not knowing what goes on in their daily life

    4. had one as a first car. type r is better in every way…. i miss the little car but i paid 8 grand for one. Nice little beaters but really overrated now morons spend like 25k on 100k mile examples

    1. The only S200’s I ever see here in Dallas are highly modified.
      The car is gorgeous plain.
      The wide body kits make it look insane.
      The last time I saw one it had exhaust notes similar to a Ferrari. Don’t know how he did that, but it was glorious.

    1. Drove my ap1 dally for 13 years my best advice is put Goodyear efficient grip on and see a 99% different in handling in the wet, from spinning at slow speed and just dangerous, to bean able to push wish confidence, I simply can’t express how much better she is amazing A rated wet tyre 🎉❤

    2. @@liamclarke8269 great advice, I currently have sticky summer tires on… awesome when it’s dry, but during any rainfall it’s pretty sketchy 😅

    3. @agr_ 
      And make sure your rear brakes are not binding 1 little bit this also creates massive let of overseer the more thag rub the worst it is I’m sher there is a mathematical aqua, cheers

    4. I don’t daily my AP2, but literally love every second behind the wheel. Especially this time of year. For the price, it simply cannot be beat.

  5. Fun fact – the s2000 ap1 gauge cluster is a replica and homage to Ayrton Senna’s F1 McClaren MP4 race car.

  6. I owned an AP1 for over 5yrs, and I can’t believe I never knew about that upper storage. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. I waited 10 years to own this car. Fell in love with it as soon as I got my drivers license and began saving for one ever since I got my first job. It always fellt to second priority for me as the money I saved had to be spent on college, then a house down payment, then an engagement ring, etc. Finally, after 10 long years of dreaming and putting life first, I finally got my S2000 three weeks ago. It’s everything I’ve dreamt of and more and I’m beyond thankful to own one. If you’re an enthusiast and ever get the chance to drive one, please do it. You’ll love every minute of it!

    1. congratulation man! I never dreamed of an S2000 and actually just learned a couple of years ago what this car was all about when i was looking to find a pure drivers car but i would never sell it again. There are some great mods that really brings out the cars potential but doesn’t need much to be really fun!

    2. Very glad that you were finally able to achieve your lifelong dream. Have many happy and enjoyable miles in your S2K!

    3. Ohh man I love stories like this, I’ve actually been inside one a year ago when I went to buy a car with my dad for him and the dealership had one, AP2 in red, and I’ve fallen in love ever since, I’m just 4 grand away from paying my college tuition and I’m gonna start saving up to get this

  8. Doug comparing an S2k to his Carrera was the ultimate ego stroke as an Ap2 owner. I absolutely love my car and cannot imagine getting rid of it! One thing he didnt bring up in the driving part of the vid, I love the feeling of how at any speed it feels like you are doing something illegal but you look down at the beautiful digital gauges and you’re only doing 40 mph

  9. I was at a Honda dealership talking to a rep and we were talking about how nice the new civic was before it had officially came out but I mentioned if Honda came out with a new S2000 I would choose that instantly and the excitement in this guy’s voice when he said he would trade in his current for a new S2000 was unreal. This car is truly loved and there will always be people who see this car for what it truly is, perfection.

  10. When I bought my AP2 used, I asked about the original window sticker as well as manuals, etc. and was told by the owner that he had no idea where they were. I saw a different review on the car last year and they mentioned the hidden storage compartment which I had no idea even existed. I run out to my garage and open the lid and bingo!!! All of the original manuals, storage pouch and window sticker safe and sound. Bonus!! 😀

    1. The cop that pulled me over 2 hours after I bought mine showed me that compartment he said he also had one.

  11. My dad bought a 2004 Honda S2000 brand new and still has it. It’s one year older than me and that car is my childhood. It only has 22k miles on it. Love that car!

    1. @@SoulTouchMusic93 Other things over the years have gotten in the way like other cars he would buy and that would be his little project. All the mods he’s done to it are complete and have been for years so a lot of times it will just sit while he finds another car that’s his project. It’s always been garage kept and under a cover so it’s in very good shape never gets driven in the snow either.

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