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  1. I could totally imagine Doug driving one and claiming it is the greatest car known to mankind if it was on cars and bids

    1. @Andy I’d like to thank my girlfriend for believing in me, my parents for always supporting me, my agent, my manager, and of course my dog for keeping me honest all these years. It’s been a long road but now I can finally look back and see that all that hard work has paid off.

  2. Have you heard about the 1000tipla lmao, a french build, italian car, with an american V8, and a japanese kei miura body kit

  3. I had a Z11 Nissan Cube. Even in Finland where people don’t talk to strangers, someone always came up to me when I stopped and said that my car is so damn ugly, that it’s cool.

  4. As a child I wanted my Dad to buy one, because it has three seats in the front. Because then I could have sat in the front two

  5. Fiat Multipla is the most underrated piece of genious engineering ever. At least it’s not dull… -as the successor, and a ton of other cars.😅

  6. Doug’s challenge for this day was to complete a sentence without her interrupting. He failed

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