The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Is Pure Insanity


Lamborghini Huracan review! The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrarto is the most interesting unique cars and truck out today. Today I'm examining this unbelievable Huracan, and I'm going to show you all the peculiarities and functions. I'm also going to drive this Huracan OFF roadway and evaluate what it's like behind the wheel and sideways on the dirt.


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00:00 THIS …
00:41 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:30 An Offroad Lambo!?
02:09 Yes, It's Raised
03:09 Other Offroad Touches
05:48 Roof Scoop
06:43 Less Power?
07:45 A Lot More Offroad Touches
09:15 Interior
13:32 Infotainment
14:35 Quantities and Rates
15:15 Front Trunk
15:37 Powertrain
16:19 Vroom Vroom
16:36 Driving Experience
19:06 I'm Offroading in a Huracan!
22:02 Final Words & DougScore

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The Lamborghini Huracan Is Pure Insanity

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  1. Incredible engineering. Doug looks like a kid in a candy store with this (in the best way possible)

    1. Kinda strange the roof only holds 70 lbs, hope the car doesn’t flip on the roof when flying around the desert😅

    1. @Paulie Gualtieri Lol man you’re everywhere. I mentioned you on once driven forever smitten the other week

      Nice Simpsons reference 👍🏼

    1. Tuscany has very famous sterrato, known as the strade bianche, the white roads. So, it’s even fitting Lamborghini made this.

  2. This is extremely cool, but I wonder why they didn’t focus on making the Urus more of an off-road vehicle

    1. Yeah, I don’t know what the use case is… It still looks way too low for a rally car. Maybe sand out in Saudi Arabia or something….

    2. yeah and drop the aventador v12 or huracan v10 in it.they’d sell out immediately

  3. I watch so many Doug videos, I expected him to say “GOOD NEWS, this Huracan Sterrato is for sale on CAAARS and BIDS!” 😂

  4. Honestly this just makes a supercar more comfortable and practical – tires with larger sidewalls, smoother suspension, more ground clearance so you don’t scrape, and more durable body panels. I see no downside.

    1. Agreed. I think if I had the money for this kind of thing, I’d rather this than the Urus. I’m not buying it for practicality, I’m buying it for fun, but a bit more comfort would be welcome.

      Alas, I will never actually be in the market…

    2. What advantages do larger sidewalls, smoother suspension, more ground clearance and more durable body panels give to cars that sit in a garage for their whole lives?

    3. ​@Pistonburneruh I mean, it’s a supercar – I see those driven ALOT on the street. Even Aventadors get driven alot – it’s not a Sian or somethibg like that. Especially cars like the huracan are considered “cheap” in the supercar world. Which is why most people buy them. They are the ‘affordable’ cars that are not limited production runs, just to be bought for value. The Gallardo is still around 50% under it’s initial value – the Huracan follows that trend, like it’s brother the R8.

  5. It’s unfortunate that this is probably going to become a collector item. I’d bet most will seldom see the dirt if ever. Sometimes it looks like Doug can hardly believe that this is what he does for a living. Awesome care though

  6. As someone from Eastern Europe I think this is the only way you could comfortably drive a supercar here. There are places with more holes than roads here.

  7. I LOVE the four degree approach angle! That should allow you to get over snakes and ant hills and such without scratching the bottom of your Sterrato.

    1. @Derek ohh shitt didn’t even think of that, I really don’t get why with that price point why not get an actual trophy truck or something like the rally fighter Doug featured before. At least with the 911 Dakar there is some legacy to make it more appealing.
      Edit: spelling

    2. @Aharon Zucker Probably the side pillars are the main support structures for rollovers? So the roof could crumple but the body itself won’t collapse.

    3. I think you’re missing the point. It isn’t for ultra serious off road. More for smoother dirt trails like rally stages and stuff. Plus I’d assume the underfloor is protected so the scratches shouldn’t matter.

  8. The best part of this video was Doug saying the joy of driving this car felt the same as the joy of seeing his sons reaction to blowing bubbles. So cute.

  9. Doug sacrificing for the viewers and that sweat dropping at @12:37. Kudos to you for your hard work and sacrifice! =)

  10. I feel like more than an offroad car, this car would be a winter MONSTER. Throw on some winter tires and just slide through a snowy adventure.

  11. The “kid joy” analogy is so perfect to describe this. Hats off to Lambo for going along with this crazy idea.

  12. Greatly presented and impossibly available (limited production) to buy. As soon as I heard about this 6 months back I wanted to make a deposit which Lamborghini was willing to receive. The problem is that deposit would not earmark a specific vehicle so as to not guarantee any advantageous purpose for it (no securing of a vehicle or locking in a price). I proposed to the dealer that the deposit would be non-refundable (instead of being refundable as they were so proud to state) as long as I knew that it would secure an allocation with a price limit (even if above what I was told… I was willing to accept that , but a limit nonetheless ). That proposal was rejected and it was only then that the dealer admitted that they have a history of returning ‘dreamer only’ deposits because there were no cars to sell after all that wait which only benefited the dealer with improved cash flow . I wish that dealers would be more candid and say, like Porsche who says , ‘We have NO bananas today’, so buyers could move on (with their money at least). Ferrari is also guilty. In 2022, I actually put a $10,000.00 deposit with them for a 296 GTB Coupe. And for that money, I immediately had a meeting to indicate what options I wanted. Turned out that at that meeting, Ferrari was only ‘showboating’. It is now May 17, 2023 , and there is not even an allocation available for me in 2026, which, even if I were to get one then would be that many more model years expensive. And they are telling me that is a big ‘if’. So the day before yesterday, I asked for my money back. I think that the opportunity is now for car review you tubers to only deal with cars that are available to purchase, period. All these exotic car reviews turn real buyers off who would not subscribe to more car reviews that they cannot buy. But I guess there is more of a dreamer following to keep such you tubers afloat.

    1. As someone who will likely never be able to afford such luxuries as this supercar or others, your insight into the trade was very interesting. I’m sorry to hear that it’s so difficult to secure even a production car like a 296GTB despite having the financial means to do so. Based on what you said, I don’t think the problem is something that YouTubers can/will solve because just like the manufacturers, they rely on massive quantities of views to earn their livings, so restricting the quantity and type of cars they review to more attainable ones would be shooting themselves in the foot. The only thing that I think could solve this issue would be legislation, but since this is a very niche issue affecting a small number of people that are clearly already very fortunate in life overall, I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything anytime soon from a government that can’t even come together to solve dire issues that affect millions of people living around or below the poverty line. Sounds like you’re just barely able to comfortably afford these types of cars, but the way you describe things working you need to be even wealthier, so wealthy that the absence of tens of thousands of dollars for multiple years is barely noticeable to you, and the eventual price (assuming an allocation is secured) must be irrelevant as it may fluctuate by over $100k. Sounds like the best thing for you to do would be to find used examples of what you want or just settle for something similar, but a bit older. Seems like much less of a hassle.

  13. This is the first time I’m actually seeing Doug so excited about reviewing and driving a car. Must’ve been really fun and he seemed to really love it. If it has a top Doug score, then you can’t go wrong with this!

  14. Great episode! Hey also, it can’t be overstated that it was over a hundred F in the desert and the car never overheated. That’s kind of an old factor that gets overlooked now, but still impressive.

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