The Lamborghini Huracan STO Is the Most Insane Huracan Ever


Lamborghini Huracan STO review! The Lamborghini Huracan STO is absolutely crazy and crazy– and I love it. Today I'm going to reveal you all the peculiarities and features of the STO, and I'm going to review the driving experience and reveal you what it's like behind the wheel.


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The Lamborghini Huracan STO Is the Most Insane Huracan Ever

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  1. Doug, you sure need to do a full garage update- parking and maintenance costs and all. Especially with the new Porsche.

  2. Idk what that color is called, but it looks killer with those bronze wheels. The STO has so many holes and wings and stuff going on, it’s nice to see it in a more muted color.

  3. Its rare that Doug gets his facts wrong, but the STO name is not just for show, it is actually a real homologation model. It forms the basis for the Huracan GT3 EVO2 that competes in several series like IMSA or IGTC. That‘s also the reason why it has a roof scoop although you can clearly see that the scoop is fake on the street legal STO. They installed it so that it can serve as real air inlet on the race car.

    1. IF you are going to make a track focused super car maybe you should consider making it lighter. All Lamborghini did with the STO is remove small things an replaced them wit something else which doesn’t save weight. easy to tell they didn’t put effort into the project cause the 12v outlet is still in its place in the front trunk.

    2. You wrong the STO is NOT an homolagation because the GT3 came before this vehicle. It would be a homologation if the STO was in the same production year…

    3. This car isn’t an homologation special like the gr yaris. It is a super version of the huracán made to look like the GT3, but that doesn’t require this to exist to go racing because the huracan is already compliant. Do you see Ferrari homolgating different cars o go racing? Doug is RIGHT, and as many Lamborghini street cars, half of it is purely for show, like the scoop.

  4. one thing you do kinda have wrong here is the reason for the sto name, its homologated for gt3 racing and was done so some of the aero treatments and the air scoop on the roof could be used on the GT3 car

  5. Funny enough, I think this was supposed to be a model meant to homologate some of the aerodynamic features like the roof scoop and such for GT3! You can find the same scoop on the Huracan GT3 Evo II, shark fin and all! This applies to the Super Trofeo Evo as well!

  6. Surprised Doug missed the fact that the “roof scoop” isn’t connected to the intake. It’s on there for homologation purposes as the race car has a prepper carbon fibre intake that connects the scoop to the engine

  7. I love the EVO (especially RWD) and Performante, but after a few days with the STO last year (in Italy!) I now have a favorite car of all time. I still prefer the looks of the Aventador, but the STO is infinitely more fun to drive. I don’t think it will ever be topped, especially with the N/A engines slowly dying out.

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  8. I actually really enjoy the storage area in the “Confengo.” It looks like it is the exact size for a helmet, so you could just always keep your helmet up there, so if you want to go to the track you always have it because it’s too much of a pain to pull it out when you get home

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  9. The roof scoop on the STO actually does nothing, it doesn’t feed air to the engine, the STO was made purely to homologate the Huracan GT3 Evo 2, so the GT3 car could actually utilize the roofscoop for improved engine cooling.

  10. That is a hell of a color. The spec all together is killer. As a Ferrari fanboy, I can sincerely say I want one.

    1. It’s the gaudiest car I’ve ever seen, I can’t fathom the absolute lack of taste needed to buy this for such an insane price

    2. @James Cartier Why should you care who it’s catering to? Neither of us will ever be able to afford one. Get over it.

  11. Doug now owns his dream car (and everybody’s dream car in fact). This is a change, an important one, because now when he reviews an extreme Lamborghini, as he did there, we can’t say he’ll over review it. Ok he’s been a ford gt owner for a few years, but now he plays in another playground. So, we definitely can trust this guy when he says the Huracan STO is unbelievably fast and tossable 🙂

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  12. That spec is insane. Best looking STO i’ve seen. Works much better with a darker color than all the bright two-tone everyone gets.

  13. I was ready to buy an STO this month, but I ended up buying a Chevy Cruze. Unfortunately they didn’t have it in the color I wanted 🙄

  14. Hey Doug, I absolutely love your reviews from day one. One thing I really like about your videos is how you show the picture of the car on the screen when you are making references about another car. It helps people get a visual of what your referring too. Keep up all of your work, and also thank Mrs. Demuro, for her support to allow you to bring us such great content.

  15. This STO is equipped and painted in a really astonishing way!! I like it soooo much
    It’s like the perfect color and details combo

  16. 17:28 Doug is the kind of guy to be driving the newest model Lamborghini and still crane his neck for a Chevy Caprice, and I love it

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  17. This car has so many things I love. Roof scoop, shark fins, absurd wings, screaming V10…this is a brilliant car. I’m glad Lambo isn’t afraid to let Huracan be what Aventador can’t.

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  18. I definitely do not dig the over extravagant body styling or that color. This thing is too loud, visually. That color just makes me think of a wrap; I can’t stand the flat look of wraps. For me, the car should shine. It should gleam.

    The standard Huracan or EVO is the way to go. Probably the most ideal Lamborghini imo. You and everyone still know it’s a Lambo, but it has by far the most subdued aesthetics, but still has the balls to exhilarate and that is preferable.

  19. With all of the weight saving measures that compromise comfort and interior styling, I’m surprised it still tips the scales at almost 3400 lbs. McLaren 720s really was ahead of the curve starting 6 years ago.

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