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    1. How generous is Lamborghini!
      I can’t believe they give away a free car with this skateboard 😮

    1. ​@bugged outswell assuming you have to buy a whole Lamborghini to get it, I don’t imagine people have paid much more for a longboard

  1. Surfboard 🏄 ? Skateboard 🛹 ?

    Have they forgotten who buys Lamborghinis?

    Moving electric motor body aero and more sure hope there’s an EXTENDED WARRANTY option 💥🤨

  2. The most expensive skateboard in the world was used as a snot rag way to wipe your nose and then handle the board 😆

  3. It’s cools stuff (surf n skateboard)..personal limited,iconic…but miss one thing..a drone flying within😅😊together❤

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