The Lotus Elise Is Reliable, Cool, and a Fantastic Bargain


Lotus Elise review! The Lotus Elise is a special cars and truck– it's dependable, cool, and a fantastic deal. Today Kennan and I are evaluating the Elise and we will reveal you all of its quirks and features. I'm likewise going to the Lotus Elise and evaluate the experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:30 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:02 Quirks & Features of the Lotus Elise
02:33 Powertrain – The Toyota 4-Cylinder
05:48 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
07:56 The Kenwood Stereo
09:36 Soft Top Setup Walkthrough
11:03 The Engine Compartment
12:03 Rear Badging – A Sticker
12:59 Impressions of The Lotus Elise
17:27 Outro & DougScore

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The Lotus Elise Is Reliable, Cool, and a Fantastic Bargain

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  1. *Doug is the type of guy not to show us how he managed to squeeze into the Lotus Elise*

    1. They should have shown them both squeezing in together, that must’ve been an ordeal. 🤣😂.
      “Oof, ahh, Oooh, Uff, Ow, my Butt!”

      Giving it a 3 in comfort was generous.

    2. i’m 6″4 and not super skinny and i can squeeze into an exige ok. you dont have spare room around you and have to crawl out on all fours, but it’s not too bad when you’re in

  2. I don’t think the addition of more personalities in the Dougverse is a bad thing, but when it comes to car reviews like this I prefer when Doug alone does them.

    1. I know. thats literally the reason im watching Dougs Channel he does car reviews like no other and to me personally I don’t think Kennen is a good fit. But I don’t blame Doug for retiring he has a family but when that time comes I don’t think ill watch this channel. 😢😞

    2. @The Man nobody does. Hes just a dry generic dude in reviews, and kind of douchy in his other list style videos

    3. ​@Shouko’s Vision why do you think he’s retiring? He has a contract w the firm that bought cars and bids from him stating he has to continue to make vids for the site. Did he announce retirement?

    4. @TheV8Pumpkin wow way to be rude lol, theyre just having fun banter in their list/opinions videos, I dont see how he comes across as douchy

  3. I’ve been watching Doug’s channel(s) for years and I love his style. I appreciate how he wants to keep things fresh and change stuff up, I just don’t know if adding Kennan to the mix is the right move. Doug doesn’t have to focus so much on C&B now, he has his filming process down to a science and aside from an occasional “guest” like Hoovie or Kennan, I wish Doug would do the reviews solo.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t have a problem with him making changes and adding a new host, but a new host should have their own personality and try to do something a little different. Kennan seems knowledgeable but its like he’s just reading the script and trying to imitate doug. It’s not easy to seem as comfortable in front of the camera as doug is

    2. I think adding up to the team is good. He just need to hire the right team.

      He need to add someone talented who can match his energy and humor in a different way from what he does, but in same direction.

    3. @Bo Xoffisa Bo Xoffisa, for me the 2005 Elise is 16kgs heavier than 1996 Elise despite it is 10bhp more.

  4. so much for reviewing stock cars, i was really hoping these reviews wouldn’t just become a sales pitch for cars and bids auctions

    1. @Michael McGregor nowhere close to stock. Elise’s didn’t come with any carbon fiber at all

  5. Doug is the type of guy to build a YouTube channel to 4.66 million subscribers based solely off his goofy personality, and then add someone else out of the blue.

    1. He’s probably not going to review cars forever….

      He’s got Cars&Bids and I bet he’s going to slow down on doing reviews. Better to have someone else than none at all.

    2. @volvo09 then Ill just move to a different channel. I come here for Doug so if he retires, so does this channel

    3. F’real! ha. Savage Geese has been my go-to lately. Thatll be my switch if this clown takes over!

    4. @Scotty DC Exactly, I came for the car reviews, I stayed for doug, no one can do it like him.

  6. I like this because it is the essence of what a sports car should be. It should not be a coddling experience. What I love about the Lotus is that after I drove in one recently, it feels exactly like a go-cart. It is very low to the ground and it’s an amazing ride. You are so connected to the road and it’s fun to be so low down like that. It has a spartan interior, no space, and luxury, but it’s a thrill ride and that is what you want in a sports car. Others are so soft and nice that it removes you from the road. In a sports car like this, it’s great to have a car without any fluff that distracts from the pure driving experience

  7. these were so popular for a long time over here in the UK, they’ve held their value really well too. people put tons of miles on them as well, very common to see models with 100k+ miles and still going.

  8. Having Kennan in these is like when Matt farah started to leave his “one take” series of videos. The replacement no matter how good won’t be the same and won’t draw the same amount of viewers. Either Doug reviews the car by himself or views on this channel are going to go wayyy down.

  9. Talk/debate videos with Kennan are great, we love those. But reviews are best when it’s just Doug

    1. In my opinion the talk/debate videos are just cluster. I watch Doug for the videos of Doug doing car reviews. I don’t wanna watch him use time to make those vids when we’re all watching so Doug can review a car

    2. @Kacpa2 the vast majority don’t, and you can tell from the amount of views they get. Also, what’s up with the hostility 😂 I’m just saying my opinion. You’ll have to do more than call me a fool if you wanna back up your argument

    3. @dasapples It doesnt take away any time from him reviewing cars. He does those on his off time in his garage.
      I get that you dont like Kennan in the reviews, but it doesnt mean other videos with him have to cease to exist just because you fancy it so.

    4. @Kacpa2I’m NOT the only one who sees them as filler or as Doug diluting his content. I’m DEFINITELY not the first person to say that his videos with other people are not why we subscribed. Maybe put it on a second channel so he doesn’t tank this one by uploading videos that don’t perform well when compared to his usual content or something, but when I get a notification for this channel, I don’t want to be excited for a cool car just to find out that it’s just a short of him talking with some random person with zero context about why they regret buying whatever car

  10. So is this dude gonna be the new face of the channel while you venture off into other awesome car adventures?

  11. For anyone whoe doesn’t have the dislike plugin enabled, this video currently has 2.4k likes and 1.8k dislikes. Clearly, people are unhappy with this addition to the reviews

    1. Thats the best thing we as audience can do. If Doug doesn’t listen to us in the comments then he def needs to see this in numbers as in the Dislike👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    2. Notice this video, in only 9 hours since airing, only got 89k views? That’s probably the lowest ever viewership for him on a single video and his audience is speaking through these comments.

    3. That’s awesome! I’m glad the dislike for this nonsense is so strong

      Btw where can one get the aforementioned dislike enable plugin?

    4. I feel bad for Kennan because he is getting killed in the comments but it’s really nothing against him. Doug’s style just works best alone and for him.

    5. Clearly Doug has the madd cheddar now after the sale of C&B not to care if we are not happy with this unfortunate collaboration format.

  12. Doug, I’ve noticed that when you and a collaborator make a video together, your videos always make 1-200K less views than when it’s just you making a car review by yourself. Not that we don’t mind having a second person with you, but for you and your brand, you’re market speaks to having just you as the video creator and reviewer and I personally find myself more drawn to solo reviews than collab vids. Just my thoughts

    1. Yes, well said, While i do like to collab garage videos, in my opinion, the reviews are best when its just doug. The numbers suggest that many people agree

    2. I actually like it. Doug has an entire team. Other channels are doing this. Demolition Ranch, Garand Thumb, and Throttle House introduced their cameramen and now their respective audience love them after resistance from the beginning.

    3. bruh some of you take this wayyyy too seriously. you’re acting like he’s gonna go homeless just because he has a friend in the videos

  13. I’m not gonna lie…I didn’t know how much I liked Doug’s voice and delivey until someone else gave it a shot. Love you Doug!!!!

    1. Yep, it’s just not the same when someone else does it. Doug has become the master of car reviews

  14. Another interesting feature/note: the power windows were a part of the touring package BUT they weigh LESS than the manual window mechanisms. When Lotus was asked why this was they said it’s because we didn’t design the manual windows. Also, not all 05’s have the sticker “LOTUS” on the rear, mine is an early 05 and it has an actual Lotus Emblem. And lastly you can’t get these for $35K anymore unless they have a salvaged title.

    1. ….your “Lotus” emblem on the back is “European Badging”. My ’06 has it because it was ordered that way from the factory.

    2. Someone spent a lot of money on this Elise swapping all the plastic to carbon fiber. About 3k on the interior alone. They also replaced the factory muffler with a boe quarter stick. But left the cat in place lol
      Rookie move.
      My 06 exige has sticker lotus badges factory

  15. Great review, I loved the history, I never knew any of that. I still remember seeing the Elise new on Extreme Machines back in 97, whatching the extruded aluminum structure being formed and glued together, it was facinating.

    To a lesser extent, I remember seeing one being reviewed on a British car show 5th gear!

  16. I’m SO happy you finally reviewed the Elise! I recently sold mine after owning it for a year and I absolutely loved every second of ownership! I drove it alll over the southwestern US, spent multiple 12 hour days in it, had multiple girlfriends in it – some of the best roads in the country and all the way up pikes peak too! Memories for a lifetime! In the end I drove it about 15,000 miles (I was also 23 when I bought it so I guess Doug and I have that in common 🤣) loved the vid! I was one of those “insane” people who had it as a second car and had the hard top so I could drive it during the winter in colder climates 🤣

  17. Doug, we love having your friends on videos. However, when it comes to reviews, myself and most others prefer for it to just be you!

  18. There was actually a big (but hidden) difference between the Lotus and the Opel/vauxhall.
    The frame was glued together on the Lotus, and welded on the opel.
    This process made the Lotus more stiff, and it weighed almost a 100 kg less. 😊

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