The McLaren F1 Has Bus Taillights #shorts


Today, Kennan and I are talking about one of the most famous supercars of perpetuity: the McLaren F1. But let's be real here, folks, this vehicle is extremely overrated. Sure, it was quickly back in the day, but by today's requirements, it's not that excellent. So while the McLaren F1 may have been a groundbreaking supercar at the time, it's certainly not worth the hype it gets today. Inform us who is ideal or incorrect in the remarks.


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The McLaren F1 Has Bus Taillights #shorts

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  1. Horrible take:
    1. There was nothing wrong with those lights
    2. They are not “bus lights”, not from a “bus tail light company”, they are automotive lights used in Lamborghinis as well. Just because they were _also_ used on a bus does not make them “bus lights”
    3. Doug having nothing else at all to criticise the McLaren about, no other example of parts not completely bespoke for the McLaren only proves how wrong his take and stance is. A car with almost nothing at all that isn’t completely bespoke is a very rare exception, only having tail lights and a few mirrors taken from elsewhere actually reinforces the _opposite_ of Doug’s point.

  2. Gordon Murray said they ran out of money by the end of development. So stuff like the taillights, headlights, and A/C, and side mirrors were not bespoke.
    Generic taillights, side mirrors from VW Corrado (because they were lightweight), bad A/C and bad Headlights.
    Most Owners upgraded the A/C and Headlights.

  3. For those of you who have no idea what this motorcoach the McLaren F1’s came from is, it’s the Bova Futura. A Dutch-built tour bus. The more you know… 😁

  4. Am I the only one who feels like I’m being plagued by youtube shorts? Its enough to make me unsubscribe from some channels and it’s looking like this is one of ’em.

  5. I guess now that we subs who helped you make your money are now surplus to requirements, quality is a thing of the past.

  6. Doug Demuro is the epitome of arrogance. He needs to be forced to drive a regular used car like us normies for a year. Then he might have an opinion worth listening to. His opinions are incredibly jaded.

  7. How to answer the main topic here which is the McLaren F1 is overrated

    Here’s why it’s not overrated it achieve its performance by being lightweight with a manual and without the crazy technology that today’s supercars that leap beyond 200 mph employ

    Maybe there’s a couple of cost-cutting measures on the F1 but at the same time it was a quantum leap in terms of performance and it took a long time for another car company to come up with something drastically faster which did so with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission

  8. Imagine polishing your supercar’s taillights….and later noticing the exact same ones on the local bus! Gotta be a real downer to the countryclub crew 🤣

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