The McLaren P1 Is a $2 Million Hypercar Icon


This is the legendary McLaren P1 – one of the Holy Trinity of Hypercars. The McLaren P1 is among the best supercars of the contemporary era with over 900 horse power and a $2 Million price. We are enjoyed be providing this one for sale on CARS & BIDS !! Today I'm reviewing this McLaren P1, and I'll reveal you all the numerous quirks and functions. I'll likewise support the wheel and review the driving experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:35 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:09 Holy Trinity of Hypercars
02:07 Powertrain & Performance
03:07 Outside Quirks & Characteristic
05:10 Interior Quirks & Features
09:03 Infotainment
10:18 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
12:15 Gauge Cluster Screen
13:40 Styling
14:23 More Outside Quirks & Features
16:45 Hidden Flaps
17:25 Front Trunk
18:44 Quirks & Characteristics Up Front
19:42 Driving Experience
24:16 Last Thoughts
24:38 DougScore

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The McLaren P1 Is a $2 Million Hypercar Icon

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    1. @@vexisshady8189 but yeah also the sound of this car is so great. sometimes people say turbos ruin sound and hybrid ruins sound but actually I think it fits with the car well and sounds epic

  1. I really loved this P1 and went to buy it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in my favorite sky blue color, so i had to improvise and buy a used 1992 corolla instead

    1. @@KINGVONFRM063Too late. Already ordered the Corolla, and there’s no refund available. Can’t let my money go to waste like that.

    1. @@encoreartz1028 I’m with you, that green is awesome… Bet it looks even better in person on a nice sunny day.

    1. I grew up with the holy trinity being the Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes/McLaren SLR, and Ferrari Enzo. I agree, the 918, LaFerrari and P1 seem like new cars when compared to my trinity. I also guess there are guys out there who think the 959/F40/F1 was the trinity to beat. Cool that every generation has one. Hell, even the Porsche 550rs/Merc 300SL/Ferrari 250TR were the trinity at one point.

    2. Lol facts dude. Cars have barley evolved since this like yeah they are super fast but they really didn’t go too far from this. A laferrari is literally faster than a SF90, look up the video. Jay Leno or Doug idk which one said in one of his videos that the car industry sorta stopped around this time in terms of evolution which I kinda agree with. Cars today are great but these “older” super cars literally are better in almost all ways expect the hybrid tech pretty much. Auto makers aren’t really pushing to make innovate cars anymore like back in the 2010’s. They don’t really care anymore, back then a new fastest car was coming out: the ultimate aero, the veyron, then it went to this. but your honestly correct 100%. I don’t think the ceiling can get any higher than this trinity. the Laferrari being my favorite. the p1 is really insane with its tech. but the Porsche is vastly underrated. These cars are gonna be remembered as the cars of our generation. Grab any castings.

  2. Can we all appreciate the fact that Doug returned to film in the old filming location. Much more appealing than the C&B HQ.

    1. @@AhmedMJ97 Couldn’t imagine filming this green indoors, would be insane disservice, like it even is for any vehicle. We need outdoors, sweaty and dirty knee Doug!

    1. Hey Marques, we want to see you talk about cars with Doug in a podcast. I am confident it would be so much fun!

  3. Clarkson’s review of this car at the Spa racetrack is one of the greatest pieces of automotive television ever in my opinion.

    1. He might’ve given it a higher score if McLaren didn’t make so many models based off of its design after and that statement remains true by just comparing it to its brothers like the 675, 570, and all the other three digit brothers it has and it’s brothers who are HyperCars or just about

    2. I honestly don’t get why he mentions this “all mclarens look the same”-thing so often. If you ask a member of the general public to name a specific ferrari, porsche, lamborghini, etc they’ll struggle just as much, and I really don’t think this is any more similar to a 570 than the LaFerrari is to the sf90/458. I honestly think this is one of the greatest modern car designs, the sculpture at the back is insane, so to denigrate it simply because someone with zero car knowledge might theoretically confuse it seems obtuse.

    1. 6:57 doug rezting hiz zweaty airpitz on the chair like that…. that muzt be offputting to the biderz of the car! dizguzting…

  4. Crazy that this thing is 11 years old. I remember being super hyped for the holy trinity just before they dropped. I remember Jeremy clarkson and chris harris rip it around a track. This has been my favourite of the 3 ever since.

  5. My Dad’s company made PCBs that are in this car. I programmed the pick n place machine that put components on those boards… I hand delivered them to the HQ. I’m so pleased to be a tiny part of it.

    1. If I bought this one, I’d pull the electric motor out and increase the V8 capacity to 1500 HP, how about you Freddie?

  6. Doug: “Under the hood, which is actually a carbon fiber engine cover that only a trained professional is allowed to remove…”

    Tavarish: “…and I took that personally”

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