The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Is the Mercedes SUV of the Future


This is the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, the Mercedes SUV of the FUTURE. Today I'm reviewing this Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, and I'll show you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and show you what it's like to drive.

Unique thanks to Fletcher Jones Motorcars for letting me borrow this EQE SUV. You can check out Fletcher Jones Motorcars here:


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 Intro
00:48 Quirks & Features
02:44 Interior Quirks
05:55 Innovation!
11:21 The Rear Seat
13:04 The Trunk
14:08 Outside Styling
18:18 Driving the EQE SUV
22:37 Outro & DougScore

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The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Is the Mercedes SUV of the Future

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  1. The Mercedes-Benz dealership near me has replaced their entire front line floor plan with EQE and EQS products. They can’t sell them. They are mostly sitting there because the prices are too high. Add that to the high cost of interest rates and you are looking at almost 8% interest even if you have excellent credit. Now is not the time for the electric car revolution if they are basically making an electric car cost twice as much as a regular car.

    1. The pricing problem is a major concern moving forward. It seems as if the low charging costs and tax credits at the moment are only there to benefit the richer people that can afford these electric cars. But once everyone starts and to make lower income families feel more guilty about hurting the planet. But once everyone starts adopting them, while the EV prices will decrease, the charging prices are going to skyrocket and the tax credits will be gone.

    2. You got a weird Mercedes Benz Dealer. Here in Germany our Dealerships still focus mostly on Cars with Engines, but of course also the EVs.
      What country are you in where a Mercedes Dealer just offers EVs? I cant even imagine that

    3. They’re very good lease cars, lots of deals on EQE and EQS for the past few months. Just check with insurance first, the insurance on these are very expensive.

    4. Pricing is not the issue. The S class/EQS and E class and EQE are within just a few thousand dollars in price.
      Demand is high for how many EQS and EQE Mercedes is producing but demand is not as high as the gas powered S class or E class. People still want and buy gas cars.

    5. ​@LuckyThey’re already have where I live, plus the infrastructure isn’t robust enough to handle the demand.

  2. I miss when Doug went through every value in the doug score and spoke about it like the old days!

    1. Everyone says that but he monitored the metrics in his videos and found most people tuned out of the video during the ratings segment and as a result stopped the details.

    2. @Josh-Lhe’s a multimillionaire. He doesn’t need to care about the metrics for a 20 second portion of his video. His truest fans love that segment, so why not do it?

    3. ​@dhalsim-1
      Oh yeah, I remember the hate Doug got for that. The comment section was a laugh riot. 😂

  3. Under the dashboard on the driver’s side is a little door that you have to unscrew to access the hood release latch. Just FYI. (Since, if you’re like me, you don’t like being told you don’t have access to something you paid for.)

  4. The EQE looks like an electric jellybean. It’s electric, but it’s funny that it has fake exhausts built into the bottom of the rear bumper, or at least looks that way to me. The interior looks nice, a high tech MB and the seats look comfy. I’m sure it is a place holder for MB as we move into the electric future, but I expect better things to come. I wish they were more affordable but this is a MB and I guess in line with what I’d expect from a premium car maker.

    1. “Jelly Bean” haha 😂 Reminds me of the 96-99 Taurus. Except that I honestly think this car might be uglier.

    2. My local Mercedes dealer let me sit in the Mercedes EQS and it’s such a cool car! I loved it. I also sat in the Tesla Model S but I prefer the EQS. It’s just the cooler car. Tbh, it looks different IRL. I’m aware that tastes can be different.

    3. I agree, the bmw IX is so much better in comfort, handling, sound system (1615w 4d bowers wilkins), space and ground clearance.

    4. Mercedes was already leaning into boring and uninspired territory with the generation of cars and SUVs leading up to the EQ series… and now as you’ve described, they are offering a whole range of overpriced electric jellybeans. They remind me of Buick designs, only something a senior would buy.

  5. I just hate how both BMW and Mercedes are both marketing their cars like they’re fashion statements now a days, like they hired fashion designers to design their cars instead of designers who are actually knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cars

    1. I agree 1,000%. I do have the new C class which is great in and out but the marketing is obnoxious and too “influencer” heavy. The same goes for BMW. It is clear that they are trying to attract younger customers so I guess that explains things.

    2. The biggest market for these cars – both BMW and MB – is not knowledgeable car enthusiasts. The target demographic are affluent people who know nothing about cars but are seeking ostentatious status symbols.

    3. @mors tyrannis ding ding ding! Although “affluent” might be a bit generous given most of the people I know that own these vehicles are middle-class families that want to pretend they’re upper-middle-class.

    4. @Devin Lee but young people do not make enough money to afford a new Mercedes? It just makes no sense. They are probably trying to appeal to middle-aged professionals that want to look cool and rich pretending they are still young.

  6. Driven a regular EQE two weeks ago. The Touchscreen and especially those touch Buttons on the Steering Wheel are the worst to operate anything on the car while driving. You always have to look what you are doing. Absolute Nightmare to Drive. The Rest of the car is nice.

    1. @Tatiana ES In my Opinion: The EQ Cars all look the Same. Nothing to tell them apart. Like those times where you could differentiate C, E and S class by the 1,2, or 3 stripes in the front lights. I dont like the current state of Mercedes.

    2. But then the normal car community hates on Mazda for doing dial only infotainment systems, and Mazda IS correct. Using a touchscreen is only logical when you’re stopped or going slow, but then the system gets difficult to use when you’re going fast or on a bumpy road. Compare that to the Dial only systems, at least muscle memory will start to take effect once you get used to it

  7. I guess you had to be enthusiastic about this “space ship” when reviewing it. It reminds me of the Hi-Fi systems that came out in the 70’s with tons of buttons and features you didn’t need but people bought because they thought friends would be impressed when they played ABBA loudly. I seriously think Mercedes has gone completely off track but hey, maybe that’s the way their Chinese customers want it …

    1. But those hifi systems at least felt like quality products. Not the cheap creeky plastic feel.

    2. These vehicles are targeted at people looking for an ostentatious status symbol. The streets would be much safer if these purchasers could afford a chauffeur with every purchase.

  8. Heated rear seats are a 1,500 option (as well as a heated steering wheel). Also, that “touch” sunroof opener is the same thing as in the ID4, one of the touch controls everyone complains about in that car.

    1. They really need to figure out how to make their smooth ev’s look as pretty as their gasoline cars. Look at the CLE or CLS, or E Class. They have to translate this into smooth pretty SUV’s.
      The whole EQ series looks hideous. EQS is tolerable in a dark color.

    1. @KartKing4ever looks good to my eyes – good design – but thats always a question of taste.

    2. @KartKing4ever Yes I can see that – for us its big, if you want to park in public parking areas it should not be larger than this one. You could not go with a Suburban into down town of any German city and expect to find a parking slot.

  9. Not a fan of the looks but the interior is great. I have the new C class and the tech is great, I do prefer the previous steering wheel and dynamic switch over this but its not a dealbreaker for me. Great sound system with 3D burmester surround too but could use a sub like in the E and S class. Even the A class has one.

    1. I imagine that Mercedes will go back to more real buttons in the next generation – depending on the feedback from the clients

  10. Agreed with your observations with styling. Frankly I think BMW’s strategy of offering their models as an engine option versus having a totally separate design for an electric. Sadly BMW’s are just damn ugly now.

    1. It’s definitely a smarter approach to have both styles of propulsion in similar chassis (for now, at least) as it allows a smoother transition from predominantly ICE cars to predominantly electric cars. BMW has offered EV’s for over a decade now and has had a very smooth and linear transition to EVs, and Mercedes (apart from the electric SLS…thing) has just immediately dived headfirst into the electric market. Overall BMW nailed the transition so far…except their cars and quality have jumped off a cliff in the last decade so who’s to say they succeed in the future

    2. Just when you thought BMW’s couldn’t become even more unreliable and expensive to repair…

  11. I am surprised that Doug did not comment on the steering wheel controls. Every other review I have seen has criticized the slider-type controls and the tiny little touch pads, as being difficult to use. The same controls are on the EQS as well.
    On another note, when I test drove the EQE SUV I found the ride to be a bit choppy. t was bouncy over rougher roads, much less smooth than the eTron (which has a superlative ride). My test drive was in an EQE 350 with conventional suspension, so possibly the optional air suspension would have been better.

    1. It’s sad, but doug seems to like those things. He doesn’t complain about the excessive touchscreen of other brands either.

  12. Looks like Doug mixed up the power numbers with another model because the EQE 500 has 300 kW (402hp). You can get rear heated seats in the Mercedes EQE / EQE SUV. This is one is just not equipped with that option. You can also configure it to have heated and cooled seats. It’s still a really good video! Love the way he shows cars.

    1. What can you expect from a C- Marketing graduate from Emory. Not the brightest bulb, but sure fun to watch

  13. I’d love to hear you mention EV specific tires. I recently got Hankook Ion tires on my EV and it damn near eliminates all road noise (like what you mention at 22:00 ish). It’s a massive development that dramatically increases ride quality

    1. Hankook tyres aren’t well made in my experience.. like having the casing fail catastrophically at speed.

  14. The wife and I recently test drove one since I’m looking to upgrade and it was fairly decent. Like you mentioned, the price for what you get, there are a lot of other choices out there, albeit mostly gas powered. She mentioned it was stylized like a mini-van. I felt it was a great road trip vehicle. Ultimately we passed on it. Also, the ventilated seats were odd, turning off and on and audibly hearing it right near the headrest for some reason.

    1. There’s a news report here on YouTube of one of these EQE’s catching fire while parked in someone’s attached garage and burning their house down while it wasn’t even charging – I’ll pass.

    2. Cadillac Lyriq is just way better overall and priced 30k cheaper, it rides as good or better than this Mercedes. I don’t understand why spend extra 30k on EQE?

  15. A 10-year-old EV will be as desirable as a 20-year-old flip phone, even if the flip phone continues to run as intended. New models will have 4x the battery life, among other things.

  16. It’s interesting on the rear seat, as the EQC does have a button that allows you to pop the seats down from the trunk. Another thing I noticed is that the EQC comes with a lockable under-floor storage area (the key is in the fob) and very useful for Europe where cars get broken into frequently.

  17. Kudos Doug. Glad you predicted the fact that You Tube isn’t a sustainable platform and that ultimately views always start dropping. This channel has become a platform to promote your own website and I congratulate you for that. Very smart. Kudos.

  18. Thanks Dough for this review. Enjoyed the few points you pointed out in the interior and exterior.

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