The Mercury Marauder Was the Muscle Car Sedan of the Early 2000s


Mercury Marauder review! The Mercury Marauder was an amazing efficiency sedan, and it was essentially a muscle car version of the Ford Crown Victoria. Today I'm going to review the Mercury Marauder, and reveal you everything about it– consisting of all the quirks and features. I'm also driving the Mercury Marauder, and I'll evaluate the driving experience and show you what it resembles behind the wheel.


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The Mercury Marauder Was the Muscle Car Sedan of the Early 2000s

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  1. I know quirky cars don’t do as well for you as new cars in the metrics, but please never stop reviewing them. We love quirky cars.

    1. Where else are we going to learn about cars we didn’t know even existed. Not this car particularly since everyone knows about it. But things like the Russian cars etc.

  2. Unlike most “supercars,” the Marauder has tens of millions of miles of fleet punishment in its development. In which thousands of criminals were chased and rammed haha

    1. You mean panther platform cars

      That’s true. Most exotic car owners just
      keeps them in the garage because it appreciates in value. In the future some greedy loser is gonna auction off a 458 spider for a million dollars because it’s the last NA Ferrari. And also it’s a lot more common to see this on hypercar owners. They barely take it out in the track

  3. This was my high school dream car; I was 16 with these were being released. Ended up getting my first one; one of the red ones in 2013; followed by 2 blues! Ex-wife made sure they went away; hence one of the reasons why she’s an ex-wife… But now I have an all original, black 2003 sitting in my garage that comes out on special occasions.

    1. Same here, I so clearly remember sitting in one in the dealer showroom, then getting my heart ripped out at the last second when I was told “I was nuts to think this was ok for me” right as we had sat down to go over paperwork for the sale. 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I definitely still want one!

  4. Always loved these. As a car enthusiast, def always caught my eye in traffic opposed to a regular Crown Vic or Grand Marquee. Wish they woulda had a manual option tho.

  5. Fun fact about the jackets. These were optional with the purchase of the car, or can be purchased separately. The ones that came with the car read “Made exclusively for Mercury Marauder owners” The jackets purchased separately just read “Made exclusively for Mercury Marauder”.
    The Marauder seats also did have extra side bolstering compared to a regular Crown Vic or LX Sport.

    1. My grandad worked for Ford and he gave me a leather jacket that was exactly like this but with Ford badging instead of Mercury. Same look and everything.

      It was a rather good quality jacket and I enjoyed it but even then I felt like a boomer for wearing it and I was only a young man. Doug was right when he impersonated a boomer wearing this at a steakhouse in Nebraska. That’s how I felt too lol

    2. @MMM18092 the “side bolstering” in my 05 p71 is purely visual. if you look at it sideways its just flat. i actually prefer the flat looking cloth ones on my 98 p71. the false side bolstering just makes it uncomfortable

  6. I always love when Doug comes with a video of some older car, I find especially American cars very interesting. Don’t care about some 3 million dollar hypercars, this is the right stuff for me.

    1. People only buy really expensive car’s to show off to others. A car is car, just gets you were you need to go.

  7. Finally! Doug, you have no clue how long I’ve been waiting for this. I had a Marauder as my first car, owned it for two years. The thing checked every box of mine better than any other car could’ve, and frankly I will always miss it. It will be my first choice as a collector when I have the means to own a second car.

    1. I hope you can find one bro. The panther platform is awesome. I have an 03 grand Marquis and I’ve upgraded the suspension front and back and also installed the Marauder dual exhaust.

    2. @Mr.E85 That’s funny, the guy who bought mine had plans to do the same! He was going to fully rebuild the engine and supercharge it, I really hope he went through with it. I’d like to see my old marauder doing what they always should’ve been able to do.

    3. @SirensOfTheNorthernMidwest hell yeah . they are solid cars . really can go the distance . check it out sometime on this channel .

      Its been nothing less than reliable !

  8. My friend has one of these with a tighter steering box and full fox suspension. The thing is ridiculous to ride in. It handles better than most everything else I’ve ever driven, aside from stuff like the 997 GT3. He’s also planning on putting a supercharger on it once he builds his spare engine. I want one so damn bad

  9. Yeah the transmission was always the downside on the Panther platform. I’ve owned two different retired CVPI’s and it’s just a three speed with an overdrive. Canyon roads were the worst because, coming out of a corner. you were always either too low in the RPM or too high. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for this platform, particularly the CVPI. I had a 2011 from Nevada Highway Patrol and it was immaculate inside; even had carpet and cruise control.

  10. We had a Mercury Monterey minivan for years. It’s such a rare quirky little van now, and it’s kinda overlooked in Mercury’s lineup. I’d love to see you review one Doug!

  11. One of my favorite quirks with this car that you forgot to mention, is that it has corner lights! In behind the turn signal, and they come on whenever you turn on the blinker on that side

    1. @4sd4d It seriously came in handy for me, considering my windows were insanely tinted. Lol

  12. Finally, a new video on a quirky car I’d never heard of.
    These are so much more interesting than the newest crossover SUV.

    1. OMG, you’re kidding. Detroit isn’t that bad. Come visit sometime. You’d be enlightened on these things you’ve never heard of. This car is a very bad reincarnation of the REAL Mercury Marauder of the 70s.

  13. I have to say I absolutely love my Marauder. Ive owned it since 2008. Yeah its not the fastest car on the road, never was. But it has a personality like no other. Love that its a car you dont see 100 times a day like other cars.

    1. Excellent, so glad you realize what you have there. I have photos that I took at a local Merc. dealer when your car was introduced! Also, I bought my 1997 SHO 22 years ago, It has been in storage since 1999 To this day, still looks like a 2 year old used car ((O:

  14. I was in high school as a muscle car gear head when this car came out. Absolutely fell in love with it, and still love it today.

  15. The Marauder and Impala SS were two boats that I’ve always wanted to own. Some tint and a reasonable exhaust were all I wanted for them.

    1. I second that emotion!! If ever there were two cars that looked perfect from the getgo it’s those two

  16. A fun quirk that is missed with the aftermarket stereo: since these cars (and CV/GM/TC) had a separate clock, the corporate Ford stereo which normally had a built in clock, had a jumper that prevented the clock from being shown. There was a “clock” button that would normally display the clock, so if you pressed it on this car, it would display “No Cl” for “No Clock” 😆

    1. I’m surprised they bothered, but I also think it’s kind of nice. I’ve had a couple of cars with multiple clocks that never agreed; it was maddening.

    2. 2004’s though did have that option and ability restored since it is only the 2003’s that have the stand alone central clock.

  17. Having owned a Marauder, I can tell you that they’re not particularly fast or good handling, but they attract all sorts of attention. What they lack in pure performance they more than make up for in sheer presence.

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