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  1. I see now why they don’t let men review vehicles on this channel, you need a true Blondie to see the sense in these vehicles.

  2. I really enjoyed how she’s treating this like it’s actually a serious moon vehicle project.
    A giant zip, “lock system”…. I mean, is she trying to be funny, or were they trying to make her look bad?

  3. Do you know what the temperature is on the moon?
    Over 100 Degrees Celsius, boiling point of water which is why there is no evidence whatsoever that we were ever on the moon.

  4. The sound quality is not good. Too low, even when I increase my listening volume. It is solely for This video, and not anywhere else, so it’s this video itself.

  5. Born too late to explore the world, born to early to explore the universe -: (by some famous scientists )

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