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    1. โ€‹@@marcosalvarez9902yeah I don’t know I think this car is ugly tbh they should work a deal to get piniferina back

    1. 458 and TheFerrari I understand. SF90 looks ok, but absolutely nowhere near the other three. It looks too busy and edgy, not as graceful and flowing as the other cars

    2. @@Footballitaloyes they do, especially the laferrari, the most beautiful Ferrari of all time but people hate to admit it lol

  1. The 488 is still beautiful to me, absolutely gorgeous in person and it has great Road presence without being too showy

    1. โ€‹@peanutbutterjelly1368 maybe not the best but definitely very beautiful. Its better than the 458 imo

  2. People in the comments don’t know what “since Pininfarina split” mean. To me only Ferrari since that split that has a design that i love is Roma. Superfast and 296 are also really pretty cars but sf90 is just hideous. Two biggest problems with sf90 design is look of this spider like thing seperating two glasses od the engine cover. Second awful feature on sf90 is this straight line that goes from the top of the back to the rear bumpers. Like whole back is just straight down.

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