The Most Expensive & Rare Cars Of All Time

Some vehicles are amazing costly financial investments. Be cautioned, though, they're particular to give you some serious car envy. Here are 10 of the most pricey uncommon and trucks .
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  1. Captain Nemo’s car is so beautiful to me, I would love to see it in person and maybe get to ride in it.

  2. Kind of ruins it when you absolutely know a person who knows cars would be able to say “Alfa Romeo” without adding an “r.”

  3. One of my friends has an original Ford GT40. It may come as a surprise to some people, but the GT40 was made by Ford Advanced Vehicles in England.

  4. The body panels on the Bugatti were made from a magnesium-aluminum alloy. It couldn’t be welded because of the flammability of the magnesium, hence the rivets. Didn’t Alfa Romero direct Night Of The Living Dead?

  5. Those are some sick cars dude! Also, I guess that the car coat around 30 million dollars. Keep making great videos.

  6. My 2 dream cars would be the James Bond Aston Martin or the Ford Gt boss Shelby.

    Edit… Or even a Gremlin with suped up high power engine and transmission….the ultimate sleeper.

    1. @chuckschilling – True, and then Shelby American took over from John Wyer and the car eventually became a winner for a change!

  7. The Ford GT, also known as the GT40, firstwon Le Mans in 1966. The mid-engine V8 supercar went on to win the world’s most prestigious race three more times, putting Ferrari down while dominating the Le Man’s podium from 1966 through 1969.

    But make sure you only mention the Ford GT40 once

  8. That Ford GT was surpassed bigtime as the most expensive American car ever sold.  In August, 2018, a 1935 Duesenberg SSJ was sold for twice that amount, $22,000,000!

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