The Most Iconic Ferrari: The F40 | The Big Thing with Magnus Walker – Ep 6

In this episode of "The Big Thing," lags the wheel of what many would argue is the most renowned ever made: The F40. The with Enzo's individual true blessing is possibly among the most instantly identifiable machines ever made and still, to this day, draws out strong psychological responses for people on the street, in addition to those fortunate sufficient to be behind the wheel. These reasons and more are why Magnus considers it to be "The Big Thing."

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The Most Iconic : The F40 | The Big Thing with – Ep 6

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  1. I think to me what makes the f40 cool looking is the fact that it looks like a fiberglass shell lowered over a tube chassis like a race car, the way the back end is

  2. Highest quality in edition here, amazing! Is there a version with no narration so I can enjoy the music and image?

  3. A curiosity, the first F40 made in 1987 “between 20 to 25 units” before the new traffic rules of 1988, had the same power as the 288 GTO EVO “over 650hp” and were even lighter around 1080kg than the F40 manufactured after 1988 onwards, it had a maximum speed above 370km/h and did the 0-100km/h in the 3s flat! And the F40 is a hypercar of the time! The 288 GTO is considered the first hypercar of the world! And the story that no one has ever been able to reach 201mp/h is a BIG LIE!! A test back in 1988 done in Germany actually reached almost 211mp/h with a customer car! The Americans love to repeat that lie, so you are not american do do the same! Great content , amazing edition!

    1. 1. Those cars were special customers, who had requested more powerfull versions.
      Which would later form the basis for the LM and Competizione spec.
      2. The 288 GTO is not a supercar, it’s a homologation special, there’s a difference.
      3. The F40 is a supercar, not hypercar.
      4. The customer car story count as anecdotal tale, by a biased person.
      (F40’s designer).
      If your going to parrot the F40 designer interview.

  4. Great to see this car again, but the video was a bit short and less emotional than the previous Porsche video. In that one, you could feel the love that Magnus has for Porsches. It made it through the screen and held your interest as the story unfolded. Here I was left wanting more story and more feeling. Both were cut short.
    I suspect the owner of the car put limitations on where the car could go, or how long you had to drive it.

  5. Absolute childhood hero car 😀 Had books about it, and my prized 1:18 Burago model that I would clean and shine regularly 🙂

  6. I swear this is my favorite YouTube channel! This should be one of the most watched channels on the platform. I hope it catches on more.

  7. One of my top 3 all time cars I love. Once I seen this pop up i had to play. This is the Big Thing and I love it. Magnus presents these vehicles honestly and I love it. Great content

  8. Another beautiful video. This and the 911 Turbo are my faves so far, but I can’t wait to see the GT40. He said there was plenty of room, but looks like Magnus’ head is scraping the roof, but could just be the wide angle. How tall is he?

  9. Thank you, Magnus. Your tribute to Mr. Ferrari was to the point.He was “The Big Thing” his whole life. The fact that he signed off on his F-40 does nothing to diminish his glory as a man and a car builder.

  10. It’s for sure like the most iconic most desirable Ferrari. Classic styling…timeless racing design.

  11. I was watching a live auction of a pristine one two weeks ago while at Retromobile in Paris, I knew it’d go for more than $2M, but it went even beyond $2,3M!
    There was a F50 too, that went for the double!!

  12. Gotta be honest I’m way more into the 288 GTO than the F40 It’s basically the same powertrain and chassis with a classier body style.

  13. Great video on an absolutely wonderful car. When you have an opportunity, it would certainly be fantastic to see one on the car on the wall in the other poster (aside from the Lambo) – the 959.

  14. I don’t like how every reviewer say it drives so well what makes it so good. But in reality only a select few can drive it. The reason I want the car is for it looks, the rawness of how it made, and it place in history. I just think people should remove how it drives and replace with how the look stir our emotions when we see it.

  15. Minor correction for 5:10 – the 288 GTO Evoluzione wasn’t made for Group B rallying, but for Group B circuit racing (similar regulations, different discipline), which unfortunately never took off. The same applies for the Porsche 959 and Jaguar XJ220.

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