The New 2023 Honda Accord Is a Great Sedan in an SUV World


This is the 2023 Honda Accord, a terrific sedan in an SUV world. Today I'm examining this Honda Accord, and I'll show you all the many quirks and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Honda Accord and reveal you what it's like to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS …
00:50 Overview
03:08 Powertrain
05:01 Fuel Economy
06:01 Outside Styling
07:10 Interior
10:59 Infotainment
12:38 Gauge Cluster Screen
13:48 Chauffeur Assist Tech
14:29 Rear Seating
15:52 Trunk
16:54 Driving Experience
21:02 Last Ideas
21:35 DougScore

The New 2023 Honda Accord Is a Great Sedan in an SUV World

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    1. Agreed. Also, I’d rather have the Accord Hybrid (non-Touring) so that Honda can stop copying Toyota’s badging layout. (the earlier Accords, not this one).

  1. When I see an adult driving an Accord, I’ve learned to see it as a sign of success. Most people I know who drive Accords are higher net-worth than the ones driving Porsches and Mercedes.

    1. Absolutely correct. Most everyday millionaires drive sensible cars.
      Most showy, insecure people drive flashy cars. Very few car enthusiasts left out there that drive Porsches for the thrill of it.

  2. Nice to see Honda is still making the Accord. It’s a highly competent, efficient, good looking, sedan. Thank you Honda!

    1. @Brian6921 Because it doesn’t look like a blob with pointy things sticking out of it at every corner, it’s not good looking?. I think it looks great. Has a very nice low slung profile, IT’S RELIABLE, gets great gas mileage. And so what it doesn’t go from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. I don’t care, It’s a great looking PRACTIAL car.
      So neener neener.

  3. Doug, I can speak for some of us (your viewers) when I say that we appreciate your reviews and perspectives on “boring” cars. If you’re not going to be the one to cover these types of cars in the future then ideally someone on your team does.

  4. I’m kinda on the fence about increased driver assist technology like blindspot cameras. It often means new drivers don’t develop the basic skills required to safely control the vehicle they’re operating. Too much dependency on available ‘safety features’ and driver assist tends to have people focusing on things inside the car instead of looking outside and actually driving. It also makes them terrible drivers when they’re in a different vehicle without those same features, and aren’t used to physically checking their blindspots or for pedestrians crossing.

    1. I wouldn’t say it makes them bad drivers if they are in a vehicle that doesn’t have those features,matter as fact it would make them pay attention more probably. I had a 2021 Kia K5 until someone rear ended me and totaled it. The car had pretty much every safety feature available today. I think one of the most convenient safety feature that is out there is blindspot monitors,other stuff like lane assist is kind of annoying, yes useful but I don’t mind having it. Though, when I was borrowing my one of parents cars it did feel weird to drive cause lane assist wasn’t on the car,but I still didn’t have trouble driving it. But I did end up driving their 2014 Honda accord which actually had lane assist.

    2. I took my motorcycle saftey course in something like 2016 when I turned 18 and they put us on caburated bikes that had no computers and thr beauty ofnit was if thr battery malfuctioned you could push start it

  5. In my opinion the car looks great, inside and outside. I like the redesign. It reminds me to the Peogeot 508, or the Opel (Vauxhall, or whatever you call it in the U.S^^) Insignia. Pretty clean and modern design. There is no unnecessary overstyling which I really enjoy. It makes this car appear much more serious.

    1. I don’t know, to me looks like an Audi A7 amd that front grill is somehow a Mustang look alike, but again, that’s how I see it and again car looks awesome

    2. It looks to me like a VW Jetta that’s been stretched a bit, which isn’t a bad thing. The overhangs are a bit long but I like the design. It’s refined and not excessive.

    3. We had Opel a looooooong time ago, but its been a long time- GM just started badging Opels as American brands before they gave up on Opel and Vauxhall

  6. I’m a big Honda fan. Currently, I have a 2013 Accord EX-L and I’m in love even after 152K miles. Economical and reliable. However, I concur with you in your analysis, specifically with the lack of the lane watch camera. I think that Hyundai is doing a much better job with the Sonata. I’m looking at the Acura TLX to replace it.

  7. I believe the brake lights and turn signals light up in the dash when being used to show the driver if the light has gone out. It’s hard to notice rear lights when they go out when driving as you’re never back there to see them unless you turn on your hazards and walk around the car to see. In the past and even still, most automakers added a feature where the turn signal light blinks twice as fast to indicate that one of the turn signal lights has burned out. but with the display, you can know if it’s the front or rear

    1. My ten year old VW will tell me if a light is out. A big surprise was finding that the tail / brake lights are done with a single filament.

  8. The outgoing 2.0T Sport was surprisingly fun to drive, very planted and settled when chucking it around some twisty backcountry highway at a high rate of speed.

    1. I wish they had a more fun version, along with the “boring” fuel efficient option. I understand that, at the end of the day, most sales will go to the latter, but at least it would have sealed the Accord’s legacy, being remembered for something other than “average.”

    2. I’m keeping an eye out for a 2019 Accord Sport 2.0T manual, I think it’s super underrated in fun and reliability (as a student of engineering, that engine is incredible). If Doug’s still doing this in the way future, I think he’d agree 😂

  9. It’s always funny to see that a 200hp engine feels underpowered to Doug 😀 Most cars I drive have about half that, and they’re absolutely fine

    1. I feel like when he (or any journalist) says something is underpowered it’s in relation to it’s weight. Not so much the actual HP number, rather the power-weight ratio which you can feel.

    2. He is in the US and all cars have more powerful engines there. Their petrol is cheap. In Europe, that type of car would have a 150hp engine in its top spec and the base models would probably be 100hp!

    3. ​@Xolomantell me you live in Europe without telling me you live in Europe…
      a MK II Golf will command a pretty penny here in the U.S. nowadays.

  10. I love the Accord. My family also switched to SUVs/CUVs sadly, but the Accord was the only sedan in consideration – every time. It’s such a great bench mark. I see myself retiring with one when I don’t need the extra room. Honda – don’t give up on this great car!

    1. Honda makes a good amount of sedans. The Civic, the Accord, the Acura Integra and TLX. So-called SUVs are getting lower and closer to cars every day. Look at the Hyundai Ioniq 5. That’s not very high up off the ground and really isn’t much taller than some cars. And the sedan shape is now called a “coupe SUV,” but really, they’re tall sedans. Calling a sedan something else and raising it is marketing. Sedans haven’t lost their appeal, people just have become infatuated with sitting up higher. Though some of us don’t like the high seating position. I don’t care for it.

    2. ​@Benjamin SmithI agree especially with Tesla’s SUV looking car it doesn’t even look like a SUV just looks like a car with more ground clearance. I personally got myself an SUV so my car bumper doesn’t plow through snow. My Toyota Camry didn’t really make through the snow and got cracked at the bottom because it was just too low. SUVs are good for the weather. Also I could put big boxes in my car before I couldn’t I have more height and I was able to fit a full size door in my car without needing to pay for a U-Haul

    3. @Rose Smith If you need the SUV, buy the SUV. But people buying cars way larger than they need makes no sense to me. I thnk SUVs go “turtle” quicker in accidents than other vehicles, though. They’re easier to put on their sides. I live in the North East USA and it really doesn’t snow that much where I am. When it does, I try not to drive in it until much of it is plowed. I do fine in a FWD sedan.

    4. @Benjamin Smith That’s definitely true I know so many people who drive big SUVs but never carry anyone else but themselves. I think it’s a status symbol at this point. I was called into work for an emergency and had to drive in the snow and that’s why My bumper cracked in the snow because they didn’t plow the snow. No plow trucks came to plow the snow and I had to go to work because I am in the military and I was needed.

  11. I think they knocked it out of the park with this generation. It epitomizes what the Accord is: efficient, comfortable, practical, understated, reliable. This is a class-defining car. It’s so good that I think Honda is missing out on sales by not giving it a trim with some more muscle… Why not give it the engine from the Pilot or CTR and an AWD system? With the level of quality a configuration like that could easily compete in the $60-70K range I’d think.

  12. One thing I appreciate on this generation of Hondas is that they’ve kept controls simple. They haven’t replaced physical buttons with captive touch systems or done things like made the climate control something that is run through a touch screen. The new Hondas can be learned in seconds by just about anyone which is not something you can say about many of today’s overtly complex cars.

    1. Honda learned their lesson a few years ago, they removed the physical volume knob and climate control knobs and integrated a touch screen volume and a frustrating climate in touch screen which made you have to wait until the the unit was booted before you could make changes. A lot of people complained and thankfully Honda switched back a few years later.

    2. Are you listening VAG. A friend’s wife traded in her brand new Skoda for an older model after 3000 miles as she hated the controls so much.

    3. You say this but my elderly mother was completely overwhelmed by the controls in her first gen HR-V. For all of the effort Honda put into keep things simple and familiar, didn’t matter, it didn’t look like her Forester so that was scary and bad.

  13. Yesterday I managed to average 52.9mpg on mine, its crazy. IMO this is a way better purchase than a prius because of the comfort & tons of space both inside & in the giant trunk.

    1. TBH either is a far better purchase than most of the vehicles Americans buy. It was great to hear Doug talking about MPG in a review.

    2. @rustler08 except good luck finding a new prius in stock & it not being marked up by 6-8K like the only LE that I found was. Also, last time I checked you don’t use a cars exterior so the accord beats it in every other aspect, looks are relative & in a hybrid they’re irrelevant.

    3. Forget the trip computer. Do the math yourself after filling and emptying the tank. I drive a Sportage hybrid SX Prestige and over short distances, it reads 55mpg so I don’t take that literally because the short distance traveled was mostly using the battery power. I do the math and truly get 40city and 38highway.

  14. Love to see a car that looks clean. Love the styling. I missed the mk6 Jetta styling and now we have a car that adequately replaces it. Nothing offensive or ugly, just a solid clean car. The Accord is the gold standard against which all other daily driver cars must be compared. If I didn’t drive around in a 30 year old super luxury sedan, I would love to daily an Accord.

  15. To be honest I have been getting tired of all the over styled vehicles being released the last few years so I really appreciate Honda kinda going back to simpler, beautiful subdued designs with their newest vehicles. I think they all look great.

  16. I’m a salesperson at honda and after so many happy customers, had to get my own accord, I love it! It’s comfy and smooth over bumps and the gas mileage is amazing. Can’t complain at all. I got my 2023 accord in radiant red with a black interior. It’s a sweet ride

  17. As the satisfied owner of a ’21 Accord Touring 2.0T, I had very high hopes for the all new ’23 model. Boy, was I ever disappointed. It’s not that the new Accord is a terrible car, because it isn’t. It just has a totally different mission now compared to my car and offers no passion in driving. My ’21 2.0T is powerful and incredibly fun to drive. I really wish that Honda offered the 2.0T in the new car. Yes, the fuel economy is stellar but I would much rather have the performance and power of my ’21. When it’s time for me to replace my ’21, I think I’m going to have to pass on the newer Accord. I’ve been a loyal customer of Honda/Acura since 1985.

  18. I’ve had my 2003 Accord Touring Hybrid now for almost six months. It really is a great car. I get on the average of 50 mpg. Some of the other trims get better gas mileage. I’m very satisfied with the performance. It drives smooth an accelerates fine. A couple things I would change, and I’m sure the other 11th generation owners would agree – The Windshield for some reason is either not shaded enough or too thin, and lets a lot of heat come through. The front end is extremely low and very easy to scrape when pulling in or out of a driveway. The front passenger seat sits very low and cannot be height adjusted. I also wish 17-inch wheels would be an option on the touring as the ride would be smoother. Overall I love this car.

  19. After having driven for about a couple of weeks, I just love it. Not much enthusiastic, but excellent day-mover. Only turn-down is the horribly low passenger seat (had to buy a seat cushion for my spouse).

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