The New 2023 Range Rover Sport is Beautiful, High-Tech, and Minimalist


sneak peek! The new 2023 is here– it's been completely revealed, and today I'm going to take you on the most comprehensive trip yet of the new Variety Rover Sport. I'm going to reveal you all around the , and I'll reveal you the quirks and features of this new 2023 Variety Rover Sport model.


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The New is Beautiful, High-Tech, and Minimalist

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    1. Even it’s a press event, US market is still too late. The Range Rover Sport was already shown in Europe, I bet it will go on sale in Europe months before No0th America.

      But people in US don’t seem to mind or cry that Europe always gets these cars first and have to wait for month for the cars to go on sale in North America.

    1. U can make functional classy automatic vents a section of the hood slides open with rain detection sensor or wet road sensor so it does it when engine gets hot and in dryness

    2. Vents r functional to cool race cars during track days they don’t do anything for suvs and for a few 100 degree days people should be home and not flooring the car all day I baby my car during 85 degrees and over

    3. @Alby Also good luck trying to use all those “advanced 4×4 systems” without high profile tyres leavnig rims and rubber unprotected, even at easy tracks. Land Rover has become another joke trying to develop fake outdoor vehicles. So much electronics useless in real life because fashion rules.

  1. I’m glad Land Rover is keeping their design consistent, classic yet modern in an understated way. This is the direction BMW should have taken

    1. @K BB How would you feel if someone thinks your car gets boring after a while? I bet you when get bored of someone’s car, you yell at the driver and slam the door after you get out.

  2. Doug is the type of guy that dresses as minimalistically as the new Range Rover Sport.

  3. It looks even more like the GTA Range Rover clone now 😂 (Gallivanter Baller 2)

  4. Doug has come a long way from racing a CTS-V wagon backwards in a parking lot. Happy to be a part of the glow up. Also, almost every auto maker is doing the hockey stick rear tail lights… They are everywhere. Why?

  5. The thing I love about these new Range Rovers is that they look completely fresh without losing their classic heritage. Oh, and the new interior is absolutely gorgeous.

    ALSO RANGE ROVER: ” (With “Performance Tires” that are no thicker than your average rubber band)

  7. Thank goodness there’s at least one manufacturer that still believes in making a car look good. The others, especially the big grillers, have completely lost the plot.

    1. @KB 2020 big grilles r useful in 1300hp track cars but in a slow bmw its no different than putting a +5hp sticker on a Honda civic it’s a performance scam it gives no performance half of horsepower max from extra cooling

    2. @KB 2020 I’d like to add Toyota and Hyundai to that list aswell. Hyundai makes some very good looking cars (altough not all are) and Toyota is just nailing every modern car they build (in my opinion atleast).
      I’ve looked at Toyotas worldwide lineup and even their minivans look absolutely amazing xd

    3. @Z38 I think Toyota is making the ugliest cars right now lol. But Hyundai and Kia design is good. My issue with Toyota is their designers don’t know when to put down the pencil. A design with too many lines and design elements almost never looks good imo.

    4. @KB 2020 Well I mean beauty in design is subjective and everyone has their own opinion on it ^^
      I think modern Toyotas look very good and you are correct there are also many Kias these days that look really great the only thing I don’t like is the new Kia logo that looks stupid xd

  8. Whatever you think about Land Rover—which most people probably don’t do very much (even “car-people”?)—you gotta admit they seem to know their target demographic and fully embrace their role in the market. I do appreciate the minimalism without sacrificing functionality or usability.

    1. @JS Sandhu ☬ more expensive cars also have better weather stripping basically better tighter openings like door areas or where windshield meets th3 hood all throughout to keep the viruses out from people coughing on sidewalks so it’s also safer around sick folks

    2. During a chemical or biological attack I think Mercedes has such a sealed interior compartment you’ll literally survive while nobody else will I think it’s some option on some model can’t remember but u can get it custom made 4 sure

    3. Also in crash occurrences the more expensive cars u drive the less people tailgate u because if they smash up an expensive car they know insurance skyrockets more than if they crash into a cheap car so people tailgate expensive cars less that’s a safety feature all by itself

  9. Credit where credits due, Land Rover know how to make a good looking SUV. I don’t know why other manufacturers find this so difficult.

    1. Only cars that need big grille is Bentley v12 looks absurd on other cars

    2. And Bentley 2 door looks fine with large grill bmw looks like it’s got 2 intakes for 2 jet engines

    3. Lockheed Martin called bmw they want their jet intakes back from the bmw grille

    4. New Nissan z is an exception that looks fine with giant grill it’s kinda below the front nose and half the zs will have some custom front bumper probably so that’s tolerable and a giant grill makes sense on the z since people will put on a fmic it’s functional not scammy

  10. That red First Edition is where its AT those rims and what a dose of horsepower!! What a absolute stunner of a vehicle

  11. “The line up is actually pretty simple, it starts off with a base model called the P360SE” because thats starting off simple

  12. I love how Doug says that it’s “minimalist,” as the camera pans and it’s slammed straight out of Miami. 😂

  13. I’ll probably never be the target market for one of these, but they really are beautiful, even if their history is of unreliability. They’re still awesome.

    1. Every legendary car throughout history and race cars in general r unreliable look at all classic ferraris from 1960s till now they broke millions of times and if u watch gt3 series racing or Nascar all cars with brand new race engines sometimes blow the engine or have electric issues. People buy classic cars all day anyway even though they’re unreliable who cares its all about the fun and its unlikely ull break down on the side of a highway in a range

    2. From seeing 1000 different ranges and driving 1000s in valet I never noticed one with critical suspension failure or any critical problem to where driving is affected

    3. If ur turbo doesn’t spool oh no u got 450hp now until dealer fixes it such a whammy

    4. My favorite car is porsche 917 and guess what it’s unreliable yet people will still buy it for 18 million and desperate people might offer 25 million for it even tho the engine will probably blow a day or 2 after driving and then u gotta pay a million to put in some custom race engine in I guess the people who own porsche 917 should sell it and buy a more reliable car Honda civic

  14. That looks absolutely badass! You instantly know it’s a Range Rover, but looks super, super modern. Love it! 👍

  15. Doug could be invited to review the Queen’s Bentley and he’d still show up in cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

  16. This thing is beautiful!!! I’ve never really been into Range Rover, but I would drive the hell out of this!! Imagine it in white with the black roof/black rims? Oh yeah!

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