The New 2023 Toyota Crown Is a Weird Decision


2023 Toyota Crown evaluation! The 2023 Toyota Crown is an absolutely new and unusual sedan. Today I'm examining the brand-new Crown, and I'll reveal you all of its quirks and features. I'm also going to the new 2023 Toyota Crown, and I'll evaluate the experience and show you what it resembles behind the wheel.


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00:00 THIS …
00:29 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:25 Quirks & Characteristics
03:53 Powertrain
05:41 Rivals to the Crown
06:40 Interior
09:37 Touchscreen
11:26 The Rear seat
12:31 The Cargo Location
13:39 Exterior Styling
14:42 Impressions
19:32 Outro & DougScore

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The New 2023 Toyota Crown Is a Weird Decision

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  1. Very, very intrigued by this. Utterly bizarre. But that Sportcross is 10000% times more intriguing.

    1. ​@John Dc2 are your referring to the prius video from 3 months ago? Cuz op is referring to the Lexus in the carsandbids section…

    2. @Shawn Warnick size isn’t everything. Not everyone wants the biggest car for the money.

  2. In Japan, mature drivers buy the Crown, younger folk buy the Venza (or Harrier as it is named in Japan) So in terms of the driving experience, it’s perfectly suited to the target market…in Japan. In other markets, it appears to be a harder sell.

    1. Anything harrier or crown level is premium, and toyotas are normally expensive, when you get to Lexus level quality and performance, its so expensive it becomes a super hard sell.

    2. @Vick Mortensen It’s the same body style as the newly released Crown here in Japan. I’ve seen them in show rooms and on the road.

    1. ​@Mateusz Zwierzycki Nope, there is a hatchback version, but they won’t sell it in the U.S. because the average American is allergic to hatchbacks/wagons.

    2. @For The Love Of Noise hatchbacks disguised as sedans are really the most utilitarian cars.. Audi a7 might be the most recognized worldwide

    3. I think it should have been a liftback like the Kia Stinger or Audi A5/A7 Sportback. I was surprised to find out that it isn’t

  3. I saw one of these the other day and it looks pretty good in person. Certainly different but in a good way.

  4. I don’t know if all knows but this Crown will be “Crossover” version instead of “Sedan”.
    Crown series will be in 4 different types as this “Crossover”, the original “Sedan”, actual SUV version “Estate” and coupe style hatchback “Crown Sport” which design is really similar to Ferrari Prosangue frankly.
    Other 3 types will be for sale around this Autumn in Japan so I’m looking forward for it.

  5. I saw one of these in person for the first time this past Friday. At first glance it is very bold and striking, and does look far better in person than pics online. Also, dark colors like black make it look better. I find that it reminds me a lot of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in it’s overall shape/design.

  6. In my opinion it lost a lot of the elegance of the earlier 90s models used to have by trying to make it so modern and updated. As someone whose family owns a crown majesta and as someone who sees them very often on the roads here in Bangladesh this new model would be very easy to miss because it doesn’t make you say “Wow that’s a Crown!” anymore. No offense to anyone who loves this new design but just giving my opinion.

    1. 11th, 12th, 12th gen Crown models are the most elegant and humble looking Crowns Toyota ever made. It used to be very popular in Asian market.

      And now , I can’t even see it as a Crown. It’s a weird looking, with a wide mouth face hatchback.

  7. Thanks for doing this one. We’re thinking of this for a replacement for our Accord. It’s not an “exciting” car but seems like an practical upgrade to the Accord we have. More interior room, better fuel efficiency, and a bit more luxury. Styling is a bit odd and will be polarizing I’m sure, but I kinda like it.

    1. I would wait a bit and see what the mechanics say about the car’s reliability before buying. Like Scotty. Also, never get a turbo model unless you plan to not keep it as long as your older Accord.

  8. It’s bizarre, but also really interesting. Still, kinda odd for a resurrection of the classic Toyota Crown. But I’m into weird cars like this, so I liked it
    (Looks like we have an upcoming review of the Lexus IS300 Sportcross Wagon)

  9. Here is my reason for this car: Since this is to replace the Avalon which is mostly bought by older buyers who wanted a softer ride and not really care too much about power and speed. So this seem to actually make sense to me (I know my idea isn’t going to be a popular one), the older buyers normally do have issues with their legs and knees, etc. My parents for example likes driving CARs, and not SUVs, but with their bad knees, it is really hard for them to get in and out of their cars, so having the Crown as a Car, but with higher seating position, it means it would be much easier for older buyers to get in and out of the vehicle. Also give it a car feel and not an SUV that many may not want to own. One thing I starting to notice more and more is that as we advance in technology and sell more high tech gadgets, it is harder and harder for old consumers to use. Many aren’t good with smart phones, many aren’t good with new techs in cars, etc. Even some covid tests are depending on apps. While I understand the focus is younger people, but something should still be considered for the older consumers. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I’m driving a CR-V just because I couldn’t get in and out of my Accord. I DON’T WANT an SUV. This is perfect. Except for those dumb 21″ wheels. Doug is off base constantly comparing to SUV. Wrong, Doug, wrong

    2. ​@Merle Nicholson , true. It’s just a tall sedan, not trying to be a crossover/SUV. While I don’t think this will find many customers, there will certainly be some that it appeals to for the reason the OP mentioned. Look at the Tesla Model Y. Really, that’s just a tall hatchback, not the SUV it is marketed as. It has the ground clearance of a sedan. So a tall hatchback is the best selling car in the world. This could be said about all the EV crossovers.

  10. I think that small front sunroof has to do with the rake of the windshield as that bar is above the B pillars, where it should be.

  11. Theory, The Crown is made specifically for old people, it’s raised height is not for clearance but for seat height to make it easier to get in and out of for the elderly

    1. For that price point and specs it make sense, otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense over either a fully loaded Camry or RAV4 despite not being the same class of car. But yeah I totally get how an older person would prefer comfort and size over power and value like most of us younger people do.

    2. That’s why I’m interested in it. My Acura ILX has been getting harder to get into and out of. It’s also getting smaller as it gets older. Weird that a car can do that.

    3. I’m near my 40s and I’m starting to prefer a vehicle not lowered to the ground. Does that makes me an old man.

  12. This car takes me back to when car manufacturers didn’t know what people wanted out of a crossover and tried to make trucks that look like cars instead of cars that look like trucks. It makes me think of the accord crosstour.

  13. Nice review. Platinum Crown actually doesn’t use a planetary gear set aka Toyota E-CVT, but use a new 6 speed torque converter automatic transmission and uses a different RWD bias full time all wheel drive system.

  14. Getting 40mpg in a fairly large, comfortable ‘sedan’ is pretty impressive. I can see its place in the market.

  15. It is actually sweet!! It feels like the GT line of BMW except it won’t break up! It also looks quite decent!

  16. I know you said you may feel differently about the Crown’s sportiness if you drive the highest trim level, but I’m glad you got a Limited for this review since most people are only going to buy the XLE or Limited trims anyway. I actually like this car based on this review and I’d likely be getting an XLE or Limited.

  17. It’s a great idea. Ground clearance is going to come in handy, and it’s great to have a reliable and high quality non-luxury brand option for a really big car. This would be ideal for a road trip with the family

  18. I’ve already seen one before this review, so I have a feeling it will actually be relatively successful. I certainly like the styling better than the outgoing Avalon.

  19. On paper and in the boardroom, this model makes a lot of sense. Will be interesting to see how well it sells in the first couple of years.

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