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  1. 230k for garbage idk it looks cool but seems cheaply made for the price tag I’d just get a lambo or Ferrari or maybe a Acura nsx 😊

    1. Porsche Turbo S is 230k starting with 650hp it’s no question if I wanted a turbo 6 cylinder.

  2. I would have the compass as the centerpiece. On second thought I wouldn’t buy a maserati in the first place.

    1. @@0mniVerse777and I am one of those idiots who paid full price for mine in 2007…I still have it and love it…Maserati’s are an acquired taste.

  3. For a car that will depreciate to about 60k in 3-5 years and will be selling at Mecum for about $30k in about 7 years. No thanks.

  4. Instead of a Compass/ Clock/ Power- Brake Display it should display the CURRENT DEPRECIATION 👀 which based on the last iteration of the Gran Turismo should be about $10K / Month 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  5. 230k for something other than a Ferrari or Lambhorgini is a nah from me dawg.

    Maserati were off their rocker with the price of this thing.

  6. If it looked too different you’d complain as well, you’re just a Maserati hater, Doug

  7. There’s so many other cars I’d rather buy for $230k. I just can’t take Maserati seriously any longer after they started sharing parts with a $15k Dodge Dart.

    1. I’m a huge Maserati fan. My 2006 GranSport was part of the Ferrari era….closest to a Ferrari one can get…..and being a Ferrari fan and knowing that Stellantis has a major hand in Maserati and how they are cross pollinating parts from lesser brands is really hurting their reputation even more. The 80s/90s really killed Maserati…the Ferrari/Fiat years were great, meaning their brand was far more pure, raw and exciting, perhaps rare than what it is now. The Ghibli (minus the 334 model, fastest sedan in the world top speed) really brought on the hate and ruined the brand….adding a diesel line didn’t help either.

    2. @@yeahnoway111 I would buy an old school Ferrari and an MC20….just how I am. I have a 1989 and 1997 Bentley Turbo R as well. I am a Maserati fan and I won’t change that.

    1. @@Greg-TC So your comment is useless..
      By the time you can afford this car it will be a peace of trash.
      Like all the cars you can afford.
      These cars are better then you think they are.
      At least better than anything build in the USA, wich no one buys in Europe, cause these are considered pieces of trash over here, all of them.

    2. @@europass1Stellantis legitimately makes the most unreliable vehicles in the world.. what are you talking about? You’ll be lucky if something major doesn’t break on this thing within 2 years of ownership, assuming you can pay that ridiculous price anyways.

    3. @@europass1 You’re going to have a better time on the internet if you stop taking everything so seriously. Also weird to assume I’m poor and into American cars since I never said either of those things, and extra weird to say this Maserati is nicer than I think but will be trash within 8 years. Live your life though dude

  8. Not so fun-fact:
    It has the same engine as the MC20, but for some reason de-tuned (for almost the same price) 💀

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