The New Porsche 911 is a HYBRID? Driving the 992.2 GTS | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

The new Porsche 911 (992.2) GTS has actually gone hybrid. But while that word might strike instantaneous dismay into the hearts of many enthusiasts, this is a slightly different sort of electrically-boosted drivetrain; This is a T-Hybrid. That means the system includes less than 110lb (50kg) to the kerb weight of a GTS while providing considerably greater reaction, thanks to an and an . As Henry Catchpole discovered on both road and the Ascari circuit, this likewise suggests a 0-60mph time of simply 2.9 sec and a rather good soundtrack.

Naturally any extra weight can be seen as a cause for frowning and the added problem definitely won't please home mechanics. What's more, the switch to hybrid is rather complicated when you take a look at the CO2 emissions and fuel economy figures, since they are very similar to those of the non-hybrid, previous generation GTS. That's largely down to the fact that this is a hybrid that can not run on electric power alone.

What offers? Why isn't this a 911 that can affect a Porsche Taycan? Well, this engine is all about ensuring that = 1 at all times, without any drop in performance. If you're not totally sure of your Greek alphabet, then you're certainly not alone however you'll discover an explanation in the film.

In this review of the brand-new 992 GTS you'll also find some rather clever graphics courtesy of technology, which lets us reveal you the complete layout of the hybrid powertrain. The completely new 3.6-litre flat-six can produce 478bhp and 420lb ft of torque by itself however in total the brand-new T-Hybrid system has outputs of 534bhp and 450lb ft of torque, which is some 31bhp and 103lb ft more than a present 911 GT3.

The rate for the new T-Hybrid is ₤ 132,600 or $164,900 however if that's a touch too steep then Porsche has actually likewise released a brand-new version of the basic Carrera which starts at ₤ 99,800 or $120,100. Henry Catchpole drove the (still non-hybrid) Carrera on the launch in the south of Spain also, which proved quite the contrast.

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The Chauffeur's Seat with Henry Catchpole

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The New Porsche 911 is a HYBRID? Driving the 992.2 GTS | Henry Catchpole – The 's Seat

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  1. I wish manufactures would priorityize physical gauges. Just look at the new Bugatti Turbion’s gauge package.

    1. Yea especially a 911 and ESPECIALLY for $140,000 entry price, it’s really a mistake and detracts from the Porsche-ness of the car in my opinion. They only need 1 or 2 really nice physical gauges they can have the rest be digital if they want. I’d love to have a Porsche one day when I can afford a GTS or higher, but gauge cluster elegance is one of several things contributing to timelessness and I don’t have good feelings about this one. Otherwise though, the new GTS seems fantastic. Sadly, it won’t be for me because by the time it gets down to a range I could feel comfortable with it’ll be out of warranty and almost by default these things will be IMPOSSIBLE to repair without breaking the bank.

    2. the bugatti is very expensive so they have they money to put in buttons and high quality materials, but the 911 stating price is also high tho, this interior is a downgrade imo.

  2. I’m continually impressed with the quality of these videos. Best I’ve seen anywhere 👍👍

  3. this new engine sound isnt too shabby. i was expecting something dull sounding like the amg c63

  4. This 911 t-hybrid is impressive, the single biggest thing I wanted from one less turbo is for the engine to sound better, to sing a little bit more, and it kind of does, but the improvements to the car are great! If only it had a Manual Transmission, that really is the cherry in top, but while we get that cherry, what a great car this is.

    1. with what koenisegg is doing with their cc850 and chimera, a manual/auto transmission is possible. the clutch pedal would be fake but id take one hands down.

    2. Sounds worse to me since there is absolutely zero flat 6 howl in it. To my ears it’s a harsher tone that sounds electronically generated or augmented and does not change significantly with RPM, much more monotone. The 992.1 turbocharged engines were never the best sounding things ever but they seemed to have more character than this.

    3. I guess they did it well then with their fake engine noise? I rather have no fake engine noise though.

  5. It’s very neat to see Porsches development creating a sports car. I feel like the Porsche 911 has been the ultimate enthusiast daily from the original 901. Although it has shifted from what many enthusiast want (no stick and the weight) it still is the ultimate daily for enthusiasts. The only issue i have with Porsche is the crazy pricing and “Ferrarication” of the Porsche brand. Which takes it from a car brand to just a brand.

    1. “Ultimate daily for enthusiasts”? Hardly. Way way too much money, too much tech, and too much weight. I’d much rather have a Toyota 86. WAY more fun to drive. Fast isn’t always better when it’s behind the wheel of a microwave oven.

  6. I get Porsche needed to move to a digital instrument cluster for, well reasons. But they should have done what ford did with the Mustang where you can trigger a classic Fox body cluster. Imagine a new 911 with green backlit gauges mimicikng the original 911? That would be a hit.

    1. look up the configurator, you can choose the colour of the sport chrono watch and the central gauge

  7. The graphics at 7:45 explaining the power train, outstanding. This is what sets Hagerty apart from other motor journals. 👍

  8. Superb film, enjoyable, informative. Well done Henry (what I appear to have said out loud – rather embarrassingly- after watching this 😂)

  9. This channel with Henry every time they make a video it’s a masterpiece, so well filmed, like a movie such nice sound quality everything is amazing

  10. Thank you for not following the rest of the internet in declaring faux outrage over hybrid 911s, and instead, bringing an informed and objective explanation of the hybrid system, and Porsche’s reason for implementing it.

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