The New Ultra Luxurious Range Rover Autobiography

We got our hands on the brand-new Range Rover Autobiography; not only one of the coolest SUVs on the planet but among the world's most glamorous cars and trucks too! With clean lines and leather interiors throughout, it drives like you're on a cloud and the new features like the 'wade' mode are crazy cool! Let us know what you think!

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The New Ultra Luxurious Range Rover Autobiography

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  1. Super Car Blondie has no boundaries on how crazy her contant is and shs always makes our day or night even better

  2. I love how this channel is always positive but still very honest.
    Not just sugarcoat everything.

    1. Love it! 🔥🔥🤩😍❤️💖💋 Simple yet sophisticated 👍🤩😍❤️💞❣️❣️love this so much the Range Rover Autobiography 🤩😍😍💖🔥🔥💋💋Love you Baby Supercar Blondie 🤩😍❤️ massive 💘♥️ MUAH 💋💋 God Bless 🙏👼🌻🌻💞💞

  3. On my liking, i think Land Rover is losing it esp with the back but their interior is futuristic and unmatched

    1. @สาธิตา นุ่นเหว่า 00@

  4. I will definitely buy one for my single Mom who has struggled took care of me, I have already built house for her and I need to pay her back with this car because she deserves it and i wish everyone on this platform also can buy one for his/her Mom too. Gob bless every woman on this earth

  5. Excellent job sir. Your videos are very entertaining and informative. But……. as a car guy, would like to see the engine bay, and if it merits, hear the exhaust note at high revs, like S.C.B. does. After all, with the market going electric , it is only a matter of time before I.C.E. units will be obsolete, and no more engine symphony to listen to and appreciate. And it would be nice to hear the purchase price. We can bear it. After all, they are S.C.B. reviews. We expect the price to reflect the quality and innovation of the model. Thanks.

    1. Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winners 🎁💐

      Telegram the above username so we can sort this out..

    1. Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winners 🎁💐.

      Telegram the above username so we can sort this out.

  6. Proud to build this luxurious car in the UK, but I’m a big fan of Mercedes Benz 😜

  7. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” yes! Beautiful, thank you for reviewing the new Range Rover. I would love to see more road performance videos.


    _Megan: “Hotter”_
    _Hopi: “Sweeter”_
    _Joonie: “Cooler”_
    *Yoongi: “Butter”*

  9. I agree on the screen. A lot of cars are going this glued to dash board tablet and I hate it. Very few cars actually have built in looking screens these days.

  10. I think this car is the best thing I have seen today the back looks so sick and Interior should be Brown or Red or something that will look much better. Overall this Car is 10/10.😎👌

  11. The new land Rover is absolutely amazing and innovative and in it’s own class,I will definitely buy this car soon!

  12. This and the Range Rover Sport are the most beautiful SUVs on the market. LR nailed it! But the coolest one is my Defender :]

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