The Nissan 240Z changed the reputation of a whole country | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 24

On the heels of the 2023 Nissan Z, it's a worth look at the history of the original Nissan Fairlady Z– offered in America as the Datsun 240Z, and .

And, in specific, the Fairlady Z432.

This -generation Z not only altered the definition of "cars" from 2-seat (British) roadster to 2-seat enclosed coupe, but changed the credibility of Japanese automakers around the world from makers of curious vehicles to world-class automakers.

The 240Z was powered by the L24-powered, a somewhat-Mercedes-derived straight-six that gave it performance on par with Ferrari Dinos and Porsche 911s, at a fraction of the cost. However with all the appearances of Ferrari's front-engine V12-powered coupes.

The 240Z had waiting lists for many years in America. It was such a runaway success that credit for its design ended up being hotly contested, causing a threatened claim by Albrecht Goertz, a German aristocrat who had been hired by Nissan to seek advice from on the project– which was initially a cooperation in between Nissan and Yamaha.

That cooperation was for a closed, two-seater cars large enough to comfortably fit 2 Americans. It was not coincidentally the size of a contemporary Porsche 911, given that Goertz had dealt with that project also. Eventually, Yamaha's concept was born from this project, however Nissan turned it down.

So, too, did Toyota, however who viewed Yamaha as a potential partner for its own cars. That ended up being the Toyota 2000GT, and its success spurred Nissan to continue work on its own sports car to change the Fairlady, called Datsun 2000 Roadster in America.

The outcome was the Fairlady Z, sold in the US as the Datsun 240Z. And it was a discovery.

Included in this episode is a Japan-only Fairlady Z432, which is a Z with the DOHC 24-valve S20 Prince racing engine from the Nissan . It cost double as much as the base Z in Japan, so it was mainly unsuccessful, but Jason postulates that may be the best-sounding six-cylinder of all time.

Listen to it scream on a POV run up a mountain and perhaps you'll agree. Register for our YouTube channel for new videos every day!


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The Nissan 240Z changed the reputation of a whole country | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 24

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  1. I had no idea there was an MB connection to the inline engines they produced. This series is still the best thing out there in automotive media right now.

  2. Absolutely love this show from Hagerty, Jason has the perfect personality to talk about cars but make it awesome.

  3. Hands down this is the best show on the Hagarty channel, very entertaining and informative!!!

    1. people rag on the z31, but its a car that is done right is a looker. Currently own a Z32 and Z33

  4. My favourite Nissan of all time. Above even the GTR imo, simply sublime. Love at 1st sight.

  5. Whole lotta Z content with Cammisa, the drag race, this Revelations and soon the ICONS. Good times

    1. Is an ICONS ep about the Z coming? I CAN’T wait! I know Jason hates how the industry moved away from fun and engagement towards focusing on lap times and drag times, but the rest of the world cares, hence the drag race video… but I was really hoping to hear more driving impressions from him about the NEW Z.

      But can’t go wrong with some classic 240Z content either.

    2. @Tinh Pham he posted about it on insta with all Z’s together. 240Z, 280ZX, 300ZX (both Z31 and Z32) 350Z, 370Z and 400Z. He did say couple of weeks tho

  6. Thanks Jason, as always excellent entertainment, one of the best automotive journalists on YouTube.

  7. Yes indeed this is a glorious sound! Music to my ears! Thx to Jason and Hagerty for the awesome content you create. Love it!

  8. That ending has the most beautiful engine sound. I drove a 280z, with EFI and a 5-speed, back in my college days. The 25 minute trip to school, all highways and back roads, was the best part of the day.

    1. I own a Mazda MX -3 with the 1.8 litre, Quad Cam V6 and revs to 7800, and it has headers…

    2. Agreed. If you haven’t seen it, have a search for “Datsun 240z pure sound, Targa High Country 2022”. Chap in Australia with an absolute beaut of a 240Z.

    1. uh, Jason, in some languages, means bag of hot stinky air that attaches itself to something interesting.

    2. @Scott E Oh man! You brought a tear to my eye in laughter from the sheer hilarity of that statement!

  9. While other cartubers are releasing their videos of the new Z,
    Jason and Hagerty has done it again, you guys are special!

  10. I adore the 432. Ever since I found out about them years ago, they’ve been at the top of my “I love this car” list. Because it’s a six figure car (and in 432R spec, seven figure), I can’t afford one…for now. I purchased the successor to the 432, the 200ZR. It’s a 3rd generation Z, so it’s more GT orientated. But it’s the last to have an inline six; the RB20DET. I could go on and on about the 432 and 200ZR, but I want to thank Hagerty, Jason, and the team for featuring a car I love so much.

    1. 7 figure… that’s crazy. For that price I can build my own 432 from an ordinary 240… I can’t understand purists and collectors tbh, they allways pay a false price for at the end of the day only “an object”

    2. @J P the only made a handful of the R variants. It’s a special motorsports homologation version.
      The other thing to consider as to why they’re so expensive is the fact that a used S20 engine is knocking on the door of $100,000.
      You’re right, you could make your own 432/432R. Maybe use a Datsunworks KN20 DOHC head or an OS Giken TC24-B1Z engine. Maybe even a hybrid RBL engine.

    3. @J P That’s like saying why buy a pair of Nike Jordans when $10 shoes work the same. It’s not the point.

    4. @YT Sux Is a bad example, the thing is for example a pair of Nike air that where used by Michael Jordan and sombody paid 1.5million for them and that’s what I think is stupid because you can have a new pair of a good Jordans for , How much? 200$? I think you can pay more than 10$ to have a good shoes, but paying million and a half is idiotic.

  11. Hands down amazing review! Nissan holds a soft spot for me because of its racing heritage and legacy. Man would I love to drive that 432 😄

  12. Love the sound of the 432, imagine if they did that combination with the new Z! GTR engine in a 6 speed rwd configuration!

    1. @Newbomb Turk well the original one was double the base MSRP, so it’ll probably be the same.

  13. This content is pure gold. I *love* that every one of these episodes ends with engine noises recorded inside and outside the car WITH NO MUSIC OR TALKING. Never stop driving, indeed.

  14. When the Z43 went racing, it became part of a really interesting internal Nissan-Prince rivalry, as the Prince guys never gave the Nissan team the best stuff; apparently ex-Prince employees were angry that Nissan was using “their” engine.

    The *ultimate* Z is the Z432R, which is basically a stripped out Z432, but also features acid-dipped body panels for weight. Z432R bodies were used in the early Safari cars (this was cheating, but ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught). About 50 Z432Rs were built, nineteen of them road cars. There is one well-known owner in Japan who still drives his on the road regularly – often catch him at Daikoku PA. It’s the second most valuable Japanese car after the 2000GT, and has probably crossed the seven figure mark by now.

    1. Even Z professionals dont agree on but is very true, you couldnt just go and buy a 432 or a 432R from the dealer, also the S20 in the Z is not identical to the Hakos S20

  15. That engine sound is eye-watering. Thank you so much for your videos and for always proving good pov footage!

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