The only Lamborghini V12 Vision GT ever made! 😳🔥 #lamborghini #visionGT #lambo

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The only Lamborghini V12 Vision GT ever made! 😳🔥 #lamborghini #visionGT #lambo

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    1. I would buy it not to use it, just to park it in front of the house for the neighbors to look at it and be jealous

    2. ​@@ludikonj8927 It would take one jealous neighbor to ruin that car and send it to the workshop lol

      I’d personally have it stored on a 4 story villa in a glass room with rotating display floor and would charge people to have a look at the car up close XD

  1. This cars wasn’t ment to be driven by anyone…what can you do with it exept display it

  2. Give Batman back his car! 😂
    I don’t know if I wanna drive it or fly it.
    If I had the money though… 🤑

  3. This is probably what F1 cars would look like if homologated for the streets. That’s also probably the greatest looking Lamborghini since the first Diablo.

  4. As long as you don’t run over a penny on the road, your ground effects should be safe 👍

  5. Just imagine looking into your review mirror and see this beast barreling down on you. Intimidating as hell.

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