The only race in the world that requires gender equality!

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The only race in the world that requires gender equality!

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    1. Yeah ik, it should be either a “free for all challenge” or just don’t go boasting about ideology.

  1. As an Ecologist it feels real good to see them planting aquatic life to clear their prints.

    Much respect.

    1. Yes there print equals how much tons of dirt the have to move to get the resources to fabricate that battery 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ its like putting a bucket of water next to u bushfire….

    2. @Benidictus Bowbper They are doing something. Something is better than nothing.

      I know the only solution is clean energy but they killed Nikola Tesla who was trying to provide one.

      So, we are not gonna see clean energy for public use in near future.

      So, plantation is one of the best options to filter air, water and land.

  2. Meanwhile in Forza: „no more extreme E!“
    Now honestly what’s wrong with that community? Extreme E is so cool

  3. I’m sure this niche race will go exceptionally well when you’re forced to have a partner that isn’t qualified because they’re the best at what they do but because of what’s between their legs! Sounds like a fantastic idea and definitely the exact type of team you’d want

  4. Well that’s it for me.
    mandatory gender quota, shilling a questionable online trading app, random virtue signalling about “environment”.
    It was at this moment that I unsubscribed.

    Before any smartalec responds telling me I don’t have to announce my departure, save your thumbs the work. You’re not clever. I’m making my opinion known that I’m disappointed and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. LOL

  5. I think you have a strange definition of “equality”. What we have here is a 50/50 quotum, resulting in massive discrimination of the horde of male pilots not being able to compete, and probably being more competent than the female driver actually competing. So much for “equality”.

  6. Nice to see Emma Gilmour on the team! Cheers to Extreme E for taking steps, however small, to raise awareness and repair the planet.😊

  7. There is a big difference between equality and fairness. Fairness is having equal opportunity to compete so that the best are in. But gender equality is forcing females even if they are not the best. This is simply unfair.

  8. Lol it must suck to have to pass up a better more qualified candidate for the team, all so you can be gender inclusive. If you are a female on one of these racing teams rest assured you didn’t get the job because of how good you are, you got it because you matched the gender profile for the position.

  9. Wonder why the cars have a max hp of like 380hp?!?!?

    Something to do with the gender equality 🤔

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