The Pontiac Fiero was A 50-mpg Con Job – Full History – Jason Cammisa’s Revelations Ep. 27

The Pontiac addresses the concern of why a 1980s economy cars and truck would have a big-displacement, mid-mounted engine and four-wheel disc brakes? These were characteristics of a cars with Ferrari and Lamborghini badges.

The shared another characteristic with exotics: its propensity to capture on fire.

In this video, Jason Cammisa analyzes the history of the Pontiac , and the automotive behind its development. Constructed under the guise of an 'effective commuter automobile,' The Fiero intended to introduce a brand-new period of sporty, automotive style, and bring General Motors into the future (after a decade of malaise-era cars and trucks.) It was a mid-engine ray of hope for the domestic automobile market, till Pontiac's strategy went up in flames …

Or, less cynically, possibly the Fiero was simply a victim of Objective Creep? When Pontiac's engineers got a taste of the mid-engine design, which was needed for aerodynamics required to hit the commuter cars and truck's 50-mpg EPA target, they got carried away and turned it into a cars?

How did the Fiero's revolutionary style, still praised in the cars and truck enthusiast realm today, burn out in GM's lineup, just to be terminated 4 years later? Find out about the history of the Intense Pontiac Fiero, in this episode of Discoveries.

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The Pontiac Fiero was A 50-mpg – Full History – Jason Cammisa's Revelations Ep. 27

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