The Porsche 944 Is an Undervalued Fun Sports Car


Porsche 944 evaluation! The Porsche 944 is an underestimated old-school Porsche– and today I'm going to review it. I'll show you all the quirks and functions of the 944, and I'll reveal you all the interesting aspects of it. Then I'll get out and the 944 and examine the experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:32 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:06 Quirks & Characteristics
02:19 Powertrain
03:16 Porsche 968
06:06 Interior
07:30 Trip Odometer Reset Button
09:43 Handbook Transmission
11:56 Porsche Scripting
13:51 Impressions
18:06 Outro & Doug Score

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The Porsche 944 Is an Undervalued Fun Sports Car

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    1. Maybe if the waitress has already said something like, “THIS! …is a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, and it is so delicious it’s causing you to hear this text in *Doug Demuro’s voice*.”

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while now, this definitely helped me make the choice. Only problem is that this video is gonna raise the value of the car 😂

    1. Everyone wants a 944, till they drive one in the rain and all the seals fail. You WILL have leaks

  2. Loving this recent string of modern classics in your reviews Doug! It’s a welcome change from the modern cars for those of us who are deeper in the hobby.

    1. That’s because it helps him sell cars on his cars and bids channel, all new videos include cars that are also up for auction on his website as well. I don’t mind though, still entertaining videos!

  3. I club raced a 944 and later a 968 for 20 years, and the cars are so much fun to drive. I won a fair amount of races in my class with them, and the handling is just so predictable and steady, all with great reliability. While I love my current 991.2 GT3, I still smile whenever I see one of these

    1. 944 on the street is not fun to drive. Maybe around the track . I daily a 968 , that’s a badass car to drive 6 speed 3.0 4cylinder

  4. Nice one for sure Doug! The 944 was one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. Bought it back in 2005 from a co-worker (the original owner) who had it pigeon-holed in his garage with 114K miles on the clock. After the birth of his second child (circa 5 years) he stopped driving it completely and his wife didn’t drive it because it was a manual. He was fine with it languishing in the garage as a memento of his bachelor days…but his wife REALLY wanted that parking spot, so it only a matter of time. I think it took me about 8 months to finally get him to part with it. All we needed to do to get it started was to flush the fuel system, change the oil and replace the battery. Car fired RIGHT up. I eventually changed the spark plugs, wires, tires, etc and the car ran FLAWLESSLY for another 15k miles. All the fun came to an end when a careless driver ran a stop sign and T-boned me. I really enjoyed the handling and even though it had like 145-150HP, it was fun to drive. I’ve owned a couple of 911s (930/02 vintage) but for me personally, I preferred the 944 driving experience…or maybe it was just that particular one? I would like to find a Turbo SE one day…

  5. For the second consecutive 944 video, Doug failed to mention that the sunroof is easily removable and designed to fit snugly in the trunk.

  6. Hopefully this video doesn’t inflate 944 prices too bad. Us 944 owners are very humble about our cars being an incredible value. Sure we love that our car is worth more, but that also means other people won’t have the same opportunity to experience the 944

    1. Exactly. I wish he wouldn’t review these I’m trying to get one before the NAs go above 6k for a running and driving one

    2. @Driven Media look hard enough and you will find a decent car, especially the older guys trying to get rid of them are usually willing to give enthusiasts a deal

  7. The mentioned Trip Odometer button is notorious among us 944 owners. If you press the button while the car is moving, it’s incredibly likely that it’ll break the Odometer and trip meter. Like I could guarantee that if I do that it’ll break.

  8. My father had a 944-S2 when I was a child. Thought it was soooo cool. Back seats were hilarious as my younger siblings barely fit, but otherwise a fantastic machine.

  9. Very nice car. You forgot to mention that the sun roof can be removed and that the rare seat can be folded, so you have more cargo space.
    The car is “slow” for modern standards but, at the time, when a segment c car had less than 100cv and a b segment was around 50 cv, having 163 or 190 cv was a lot.

  10. This has been a criminally underrated car since they were new. They are indeed wonderful to drive. Reasonably reliable as cars from this era go and for sure less complex in its normally aspirated form. I’ve never heard anyone who has owned one of these say it was a bad car and most former owners I know regret selling them.

  11. I’ve never owned one of these, but I’ve driven them. Basically it’s a 21st century driving experience (very BRZ-ish) combined with a 1970s interior experience. Definitely puts a smile on your face.

  12. I love this car….memories are coming back, it was my first Porsche. I learned the hard way that tires can get “old” so I crashed it a little bit and let it repair ….loads of great trips. .. great! It was fast at its time – I topped 285 km/h on the Autobahn, which was fast for me. Ok in todays EV acceleration its not that fast compared.

  13. Had an 87 S just like that one. A very comfortable, beautifully designed, incredible handling car. You really had to wring it out to get that 190HP, but it was there, and it sounded amazing. Looks way sexier in person than on camera. Pretty reliable if you change the timing belt when the manual says to.

  14. Growing up in the 80s, this was the car my friends and I really wanted. I think mainly because of all the exotic sports cars out there, this one seemed the most attainable.

  15. I had a 86 turbo. Loved the way the doors sounded when you closed them. The 80s turbo lag was fun when it finally kicked in. The previous owner had switched the bumpers to euro spec(no black rubber) and did a few other things. It looked great and was really fun to drive. Until you had to take it to a random german car mechanic. There was always either a really cheap part that was complicated to get to which meant a lot of labor time. Or a really easy thing to get to that was expensive because they didn’t make them anymore. These are cheap because of the cost to keep them running well is high compared to what you payed for the car in the first place.

  16. This was a trip down memory lane Doug! My dad had a black 944. My brother and I, at 4 and 5, spent lots of time cruising around town and short road trips to the oregon coast with him. The 944 informed my early love of quick acceleration onto the freeway through cloverleaf on ramps. I don’t have a Porsche yet but working my butt off to recapture this Porsche magic.

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