The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R Is the Ultimate Japanese Icon


Today, we have something really unique: the legendary R34 Nissan -R. With its renowned lines and unmistakable existence, this JDM masterpiece amasses attention any place it goes. Under the hood, you'll find a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine, providing that popular Godzilla power to all 4 wheels. Join me as we dive into the peculiarities, features, and unbelievable experience that make the R34 Nissan -R a true vehicle legend.


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00:00 THIS …
00:35 It's for sale on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:14 Summary
02:47 Powertrain
04:21 Limited Production
04:30 V-spec Model Upgrades
05:25 Midnight Purple
06:05 Outside Quirks & Characteristic
06:14 The Famous Tail Lights & Back End Design
06:58 Wheels & Brakes
07:26 Rear-Wheel Steering
07:41 The Wing
08:07 Front End Style
09:04 Rear Wiper
09:31 Interior
09:54 Right-Hand Drive
10:19 Standard Interior Decoration
10:59 6-Speed Handbook
11:07 Gauge Cluster
11:47 Performance( y) Seats
12:11 The Performance Screen
13:45 More Quirks & Features
15:23 Back Seats
15:59 Cargo Location
16:39 How is this cars and truck in the States?
17:54 Experience
22:24 Final Thoughts
22:50 DougScore

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The R34 Nissan Skyline -R Is the Ultimate Japanese Icon

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    1. The first one was painted in the iconic Bayside Blue, BTW. One of the best colours of the R34 GTR…after the one in this video.

  1. Say what you will about the R34 but Midnight Purple has to be one the most beautiful car colors ever.

    1. lmao, why did you word that as though anyone at all has said the car is in any way ugly? Simple, maybe, but that’s about the extent of fair criticisms that can be applied to this design, and I’ve never even actually heard anyone say that.

    2. @Matty-Destroyer jesus the brain damage…midnight purple didn’t come out until r33 gtr and millennium jade is only for the nur r34s

  2. Props to you for not just reviewing new cars, but also ones that matter a lot to the car community.

    1. ​@Mr Darknezz volvos understeer. And one wheel peel as soon as you floor it round a corner. 💀

  3. Return of the legend! Back then, the Skyline GT-R’s review brought me to your channel, and I’m following it ever since

  4. Everyone who played Gran Tourismo back in the 90’s knew how to dial in the settings 😂. I remember the first time seeing one in real life. Me and a van full of coworkers followed it around ooohing and ahhhing over it’s right hand drive glory. It was a rare bird to see in the USA in the year 2000. Legendary.

    1. ​​​@RandolphThey may have had a shady importer that snuck it in, or it was a illegal car from when Motorex was importing them. I don’t remember if everyone that bought a R32, R33, or a R34 from them had to turn it over to the feds or if some people got to keep them. Edit: I used to see a S15 Silvia riding around my area back in 2018-2019, (they definitely weren’t legal then) but I haven’t seen it in quite a while. I even saw this guy driving it when there was still snow on the ground one time. 🤣

    2. Still playing Gran Turismo 7 today. You can even put the R92CP racecar engine into the r34 vspec II.

    3. @tjw8t1 Doug mentioned about Motorex on his older R34 video since that particular one was from them. If I’m correct, owners were able to keep the cars after Motorex was caught.

  5. I saw a midnight purple R34 at Cars and Coffee in Palm Beach a few weeks ago, I’ve never been much of a Japanese car fan but god damn was that thing awesome. And I definitely wasn’t the only one who was thinking that, the car drew a huge crowd everywhere it went lmao

    1. here in Finland these don’t attract much people at car events anymore

      of course these were great 24 years ago, but when you see them nearly every day they eventually start to feel like ordinary cars…

  6. I remember playing Grid 2 and one of the cars you could choose for the Tougé events. I remember choosing this and specing it just like this, then later changed to the blue colour.
    Amazing times

  7. I slightly prefer the R33, only because it was my favorite car in the first Gran Turismo I’ve played, but I also love the R34 and especially the Midnight Purple color. I sure wish I was rich enough to buy this car!

  8. Awesome video, Doug! I’ll bet you had a lot of fun driving this legendary car. Very cool. 😎

  9. I own the 34 gtr in bayside blue and i don’t think i could ever sell it.

    They’re definitely overrated in terms of price but man do they feel so special to drive, I love it.

    1. I used to watch you a lot a few years ago! Honestly, I am glad you still upload from time to time. 😎

    2. It’s funny how slow they are stock, I was very surprised when I drove one for the first time.

  10. Now that he doesn’t have to worry about cash, Doug is doing a lot more cars that he’s actually interested in these days rather than the latest gargantuan SUV and 12 minutes on its infotainment system. And the channel is all the better for it.

    1. Wow, I didn’t notice that. You’re absolutely right, the last couple months are mostly cool cars. I pretty much ignored Doug’s channel for a year or so when it was so boring

    2. It’s not about cars that Doug think is cool, it’s about what’s for sale on Cars & Bids. It’s changed more to a sales page for C&B

  11. I saw one of these in the early 2000s in Bayside Blue and I’ll never forget it. It was parked at Blockbuster and it had a weird license plate, but I knew those taillights and that spoiler from Gran Turismo. It was like seeing a unicorn and I’ve never seen one again.

  12. The R34 has been my childhood dream car. I even have a massive picture of it on my wall. If I had the money I would definitely head over to Cars and Bids. Thank you Doug for filming my childhood. By far my favorite video to date

  13. 5:25
    I think It’s also important to note, there are multiple versions of midnight purple. The first midnight purple (LP2) came out on the R33 and I believe there no drastic color shift
    Later on, Nissan introduced Midnight purple II AND III for the R34. The car Doug is reviewing is MPM II, which shifts from purple to green tones. The more iconic midnight purple, MPM III, shifts from purple tones to blue and orange/gold tones.

  14. This car is almost 25 years old, and it still looks at home on the road. I think that says something about the level of engineering and detail that went into this car

  15. Hey Doug, I really hope you see this
    I truly miss the old days when you would put a camera on the side of the road and drive pass it so we would see how the car actually looks on the streets! Wish you start doing that again

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