The Saleen XP8 Is the Coolest Sport SUV You Don’t Know About


This is the Saleen Ford Explorer XP8, the coolest sport SUV you most likely never ever learnt about. Today I'm evaluating this Saleen XP8, and I'll show you all the lots of quirks and functions. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Saleen XP8 and show you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:47 It Could Be Yours on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:27 What Is This Thing??
03:28 Doubtful Production Numbers
04:19 Powertrain
05:00 Supercharged V8
05:28 The Strange XP6
06:21 Rear-Wheel Drive
06:46 Unique Saleen Plaque
07:07 Mechanical Upgrades
07:19 Yes, It Is Lowered
07:29 Racecraft Suspension
07:51 Magnesium Wheels ??
08:26 Vroom Vroom
08:53 Great Deals Of Cosmetic Upgrades
09:02 # 27.
09:45 More Aggressive Front & Back End.
10:14 Flared Rocker Panels.
10:48 Nonfunctional Hood & Spoiler.
11:17 Saleen Badging.
11:38 Much More Costmetic Upgrades.
12:04 Body-Colored Wheels.
12:32 Oh So 1990s.
13:03 Interior Upgrades.
13:42 Phony Carbon Fiber.
14:15 Interior Saleen Plaque.
14:51 Gauge Cluster.
15:11 Quirkiest Sales brochure.
16:27 Extremely Costly.
17:33 Still a 90s Ford Explorer.
18:42 Back Seats.
19:17 No Headrests.
19:51 Cargo Area.
21:59 Driving Experience.
22:46 PROS.
23:22 Steering & Handling.
24:34 Acceleration.
24:59 CONS.
25:04 4-Speed Car Transmission.
25:30 Some Extra Old Explorer Flaws.
26:00 The Interior.
26:12 More Pros: Styling.
26:28 More Enjoyable to Drive Than You Believe.
27:03 Last Ideas.
27:33 DougScore.

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The Saleen XP8 Is the Coolest Sport SUV You Don't Know About

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    1. ​@nobody’s favouriteI did too, it also gave me something to do in December of ’13 when we had a huge ice storm.

  1. Normally when Doug says “…. Is a cool car you never heard of” it’s almost always something I heard of. This time it wasn’t. Well played sir.

    1. for me it is ALWAYS , this time was no exception but to be honest I always know that it exist and that’s pretty much it so I always enjoy Doug video

    2. Carbon on the center info looks real. Yea it’s just stuck over the plastic but it’s real carbon.

  2. Saleen is one of the coolest companies of all time. And the XP8, along with the SR, the S7 and a lot of other cars are a huge proof of that

    1. *Saleen is a person, he made a company named after himself, and it is pronounced SUH-LEAN.*

  3. I miss these kinds of reviews. I forgot all about this era of Ford and of course I want this one 😍

  4. I worked at a Ford dealership changing oil and tires in the late 90’s and a guy had a Saleen Mustang and it had nitrous on it. The bottle was located in the center console but the switch was located under the gas pedal so that when the bottle was opened, all he had to do was mash the gas pedal to get a shot of nitrous. I was maybe 18 and thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen!

    1. @DMort22 And it will still have a switch wired to the throttle that only allows it to spray at full throttle, because otherwise detonation and catastrophic failure of the engine can occur.

    2. @Baron Von Slambertnot everyone was that smart. I personally knew people that didn’t wire a redundant pedal switch.

  5. Imagine if the hidden gem was that the XP6 was available with a supercharged 6 with a proper manual. That’d be the desirable package. Thanks for the video.

  6. The exploder worth having…
    I miss my 06′ Exploder with a manual transmission. It was what I learn to drive manual with and it was very fun in the winter.

  7. Remember being obsessed with this thing when it came out, but completely forgot about for the last 20+ years. Very satisfying video!

  8. This is EXACT why I love this channel. Doug presents some real hidden gems of the automotive world. Keep ’em coming…PLEASE 🙏

  9. Tuning in the 90s was just awesome! But it’s weird that they got only about 60hp and 50nm after adding the supercharger.

  10. I had a 1999 Mercury Mountainer V-8 AWD that I really enjoyed. I put dual exhausts with Thrush glasspack mufflers on it, and it sounded only a little meaner than this Saleen model. One thing I noticed was that the 8-Inch gap for the cargo cover was because the back seats (at least in my Mountaineer) reclined. In the reclined position, there was only about an inch and a half gap.

    1. Re Gap; Was what I was thinking. Have a cargo cover, which is positioned in the same manner to the back seat.

  11. It’s always sad to see these without their big brake kits that Ford recalled because the caliper brackets were aluminum and they were getting broken. I ended up with a Baer kit that was put out to replace them. It’s incredible the difference they make. I don’t think there are many of those around either though since I’ve never heard of anyone else having them, even on the explorer forums.

  12. Wow, the Saleen Explorer! Aka the only way I was able to beat Test Drive Off-Road 2 back in the day, ha. Haven’t thought about this thing in ages.

  13. Wow 161,000 miles. Kinda surprised they hadn’t switched over to the 4.6 modular by ‘98. The coolest explorer I remember were the 2 door sport models, I remember seeing a few with 5 speed manuals on the lot

  14. One note about the headrests – they do lift up. They have a HUGE gap between the headrest and the main seatback, with the two spindly little poles holding it up, but they do raise to “headrest” height. They also rotate/tilt forward, so the largest face faces forward to the back of the seat occupant’s head. In this video, they are shown in the “almost fully lowered” state to improve rear visibility. The mechanisms are stiff, though. It takes quite a bit of force to lift/lower or to tilt up/down.

    That was unique to the leather seats. The cloth seats of that era Explorer had no headrests at all in back. (I’ve had both types at various times.)

  15. Fun fact. Because of the wing, the original gas struts for the rear glass had to be replaced by shorter ones so the glass wouldn’t hit it. Thus, the glass became a nice head knocker when left open.

  16. This makes me want to get another second gen explorer as a daily to keep miles off my ’16 F-150. Lots of good memories in my 2nd gens driving to our local ski resort with my friends. Seeing the interior again was a blast from the past. Thank you, Doug!

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