The SCG Boot Is a $300,000 Street-Legal Desert Racer


This is the SCG Boot, the street-legal desert racer! Today I'm examining this SCG Boot, and I'll reveal you all the numerous quirks and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the SCG Boot and show you what it's like to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:54 What is this thing??
02:50 The Fundamentals
04:01 Powertrain
04:30 Outside Quirks & Features
07:51 Suspension
09:23 4-Door Boot
10:36 Interior Quirks & Features
11:44 Beginning the Boot
12:31 Three Interior Screens
14:01 More Interior Quirks & Features
18:38 Driving Experience
20:04 Steering & Handling
21:06 Velocity & Speed
22:34 Surprisingly Civilized
23:29 Last Thoughts
23:49 DougScore

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The SCG Boot Is a $300,000 Street-Legal Desert Racer

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  1. It’s an insane car indeed. Never saw such an insane Desert Racer in my entire life. This SCG Boot looks really awesome!

  2. What makes the four door safer? Also imagining taking your family on a nice road trip in a 600hp Baja racer with giant exhaust pipes that look like thrusters coming up out of the back just because it now has four doors.

    1. I have a friend whose wife won’t let him buy a coupe because they’re more dangerous than sedans, so whatever magic the extra 2 doors do safety-wise must be real.

    2. Seriously. The people buying these don’t care that it has 2 doors. It’s not competing with the Wrangler. Even super low production cars can’t get away from having the less cool one be more popular.

  3. Took me a second to recall what SCG was, and then I remembered that they made the insane 003 lineup and that they’re also based in Sleepy Hollow, New York. This makes me hope that someday Doug will get his hands on an SCG 003.

    1. Same here! I’ve had a chance to see the SCG 004 in person but didn’t make the connection with the title of the video.

    2. Something tells me that if the 4-door has enough room for Little Demuro and Noodle Doug is going to add one of these to his stable!

  4. This is the type of stuff I come to Doug to watch. Not many others will have access to these types of vehicles, and I love learning about them and seeing their features clearly documented.

  5. “You move the wheel and you’re going in that direction”. Well there we have it, the definition of good steering.

  6. The camera shake makes the accelerations so trippy…mixed with the sound it makes almost made me think He was gonna launch into the future

  7. Normally not one to scrutinize the Doug score, but if anything deserves a 10 for cool factor it’s this. Hell, the only word Doug had to describe it was “GRRRR”.

    1. The Baja isn’t just any race. People don’t just DRIVE home from that thing. Hell, most of the trucks don’t even make it.

  8. I’ve seen one, probably this exact car, a few times at Speedsport tuning in Danbury ct. They look even more insane in person. SCG has a facility right by that shop, at the Danbury airport, and I’ve been lucky enough to see some of their race cars too. Crazy what a guy with enough money and passion can create.

    1. I’ve seen it bombing down 84 a couple of times, got to take a good look at it at the IMSA race at Lime Rock last year. I used to work at the aerospace building right up the street from Speedsport and SCG as well

  9. This is the first video in a long time where I’ve seen Doug extremely happy throughout the whole video! This feels like the old Doug, more like he’s child in a candy shop, which I haven’t been seeing lately!

  10. I got to meet Jim and his Boot a couple years ago in Connecticut. Couldn’t have been a nicer dude who was excited to talk about his unique vehicle- so cool to see what he’s building

  11. It’s a little detail but helps so much, thank you Doug, for always translating US numbers. Miles per gallon to liters per 100km and so on. Just great that you always take care of this.

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