The Singer DLS Is a $2 Million “Perfected” Porsche 911


This is the Vocalist DLS, the $2 million "perfected" Porsche 911. Today I'm examining this Singer DLS, and I'll reveal you all the many peculiarities and features. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Vocalist DLS and show you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS …
00:43 Vocalist Backstory
02:27 Vocalist Brand Name Collaborations
03:15 Powertrain
04:16 "DLS".
05:21 Exterior Modifications From a 964.
06:14 More Exterior Upgrades.
07:11 Spoiler & Roofing Channel.
07:49 Stunning Touches.
08:46 Interior Quirks & Characteristic.
10:30 Manual Transmission Equipment Lever.
10:45 Single Dial Radio.
11:06 More Interior Controls.
11:44 Gauge Cluster.
12:36 Interior Storage.
13:30 Back Seat Delete.
14:20 Front Compartment.
16:24 Singer "Turbo Study".
16:52 Driving Experience.
17:29 More Sporty Than Expected.
19:22 Let's Go For It.
20:34 Controversial Clutch.
20:57 So Analog.
21:49 Last Thoughts.
22:16 DougScore.

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The Singer DLS Is a $2 Million “Perfected” Porsche 911

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  1. This car is perfection under every aspect. I mean, just the vintage but modern look of it drives me crazy

  2. The DLS is a lot more extreme in nature than a classic singer. If you drove a classic singer with comfort seats your experience would be a lot closer to what you expected.

    1. no, all the cars are made for a excelent driving experience not for comfort but the most possible perfect built not as an older regular feeling of a 70´s 911 driving experience and not one more 911 re-builder but authorized by Porshe

  3. I’ve been following Singer’s Porsche builds for quite some time, and they are truly works of art. Regardless of how many pictures or videos you see, nothing will match seeing one in person. They are absolutely stunning. The build quality of these cars are incredible.

    1. ​ I say the same thing. It is a beautiful car. It is phenomenally perfectly redone to be a work of art. But, for someone to buy this at 2 million dollars that means you have passed up dozens of also amazing cars for less. I also, like you don’t get it.

    2. I’m sorry to disagree, but I have been part of the team that did the development for these DLS 911’s . the production cars were started far too early still after 2 years they are full of problems. Its the “Emperors new clothes”

  4. the fact that the battery tender is so easy to access vs. the fuel cap which isn’t tells you how Singer envisoned its usage. Perfect, indeed!

    1. I would put the number of miles all these 75 cars will do in a year total at well less than 1000. Should be driven, but won’t be. They’ll sit in air conditioned garages, rubbed with a soft cloth every week and looked at occasionally.

    2. @Jailhouse Chris Man, you all need to check some of your cynicism at the door. Quite a few Singer Classics get significant road miles put on them, and at least some of these DLSs will too. You need to remember that the people who are ponying up for Singers, and the DLS in particular, have the kind of disposable income that allow them to drive a $2m unicorn like you and I drive a regular car.

    3. @Alistair Willock I’m sure Mr. Demuro could easily settle the debate since he obviously has close proximity to these high-net-worth individuals.

  5. Doug, you are the most informative and entertaining YouTuber in your niche. Always a joy to watch your videos. Love this car’s simplicity and raw performance. Beautiful car.

  6. Can we just talk about how insane the glass work is? Getting the glass to look like that is a feat of engineering.

  7. That interior seriously leaves a lot to be desired – certainly comfort and a homogeneous design. It seems like the makers could not decide if this was to be a track car or a resto mod so they just did a little bit of everything, making it the master of none.

  8. Its been a long time since I’ve savored and enjoyed each bit of doug’s video. Singer’s take on the 911 is really breath taking, i hope more restomods from doug 👌

  9. Aside for my obsession of Singer my joy that I get to see Doug’s review of it but his excitement driving it is so contagious. You can see why this car is so special and has that price tag. Absolutely amazing

  10. Ever since I found out about Singer I’ve been absolutely crazy about them! And I never cared much for most 911s and Porches before that!
    They are just beautiful and must be amazing to drive!

  11. I’ve seen singers at Goodwood Festival of speed this year and was blown away. It’s exactly as you expect, perfection in every detail. It’s like zooming into a 80 megapixel photo and it doesn’t stop showing you detail. Every part, every panel is just amazing…

  12. the wheel fitment and proportions are quite literally perfect. the modern touches are so subtle and in good taste. this is a work of art!

  13. I remember seeing this in Top Gear’s channel and it blew me away. The 930/964 models were always my favortire 911s, they are just so damn gorgeous, but this… THIS is insane! And that gauge cluster… Just wow!

  14. This car is flawless in every aspect. I mean, the combination of its vintage yet modern appearance really excites me. 😍

  15. Singer’s gotta be pleased with his review. The driving reactions tell it all. He’s experiencing driving bliss such as most of us will never know.
    Lovely car. Thank you Singer.

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