The ULTIMATE Sleeper: VW Golf R with an RS3 Engine Swap! (DTB 021)

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What happens when you put the engine that beat the Hoonicorn into a ? You get the ULTIMATE street-legal sleeper, and Alex from Ingenious Motorsports specializes in simply that. Nobody expects a Golf R to have a DAZA engine from an in it, pressing 500 horsepower to the wheel! Scotto geeks out with Alex about 5 cylinder engines, daddy wagons, and tidy engine swaps. Enjoy.

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The ULTIMATE Sleeper: with an RS3 Engine Swap! ( 021)

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    1. pretty sure this was fiilmed during the same track day as tommys pre swap video (may 8 2022), dont know why this vid was on the backburner for almost 3 months though 🤷 foreshadowing a future project? hmmm

    2. @Hoonigan Bonus I think that’s what he meant. Tommy helping the guy get exposure by telling you guys about him so he could get featured

  1. Before more people comment about it, this was filmed back in April, when Tommy’s Golf R was still stock and Innovative hadn’t even started the swap. This would have been filmed at the same track day when Tommy did laps in the stock Golf R.

    1. It’s a Golf R not R32. The R32 was only available in the mk4&mk5 generations with the 3.2 vr6.

    2. @SpraykwoNTheChef Tommy already had the Golf R and the RS3 and had already made the plans with Innovative to do the swap, but his Golf R was still stock during the filming of this.

  2. I am so pumped to see Alex and the Innovative Golf RSR at Hoonigan this Golf is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. The wagon is awesome! The R… eh I’d rather have just stuck with an RS3. To each their own and they are both really well done! I’m biased toward the sleeper element of the wagon.

    1. Agreed. The wagon with the swap is the better of the two IMO. Doing one on a Golf R I’m not so sure about. Why not just get an RS3.

    2. @Hoang Pham because the RS3 is only sold as a 4 door sedan in the US. we dont get the the hatch version that is sold in europe

  4. What a dope episode to enjoy while taking a break working on my MK4 GTI (don’t hate on the mk4)

    1. @Hoonigan Bonus funny used to be your wife but you divorced her. look at you now, thinking the new piece was gonna be all that 😂😂

  5. Perfect timing! Just got done bolting my vrt in the mk4 Jetta. We need more German car content!

  6. I wonder what’s the cost of swapping in a 5 cyl driveline. That’s the perfect package for that wagon

  7. I love when you guys cover Volkswagen content! 🔥I’m a vw boi myself! Some of my other car friends think I’m in a cult.. 😂😂🤘 and a dude from ECS did a 07k in a 944 but made it a rally car

  8. Yo, that alltrack is goals, and its all emissions compliant, someone needs to make these common in aus, the epa cant send angry letters then!
    From what ive seen these rs3 swapped cars drive like stock as well, 12/10 daily.

  9. Shout out Tommy and hoonigan for getting these guys names further out there. This swap looks awesome, and seems like it fucks

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