The Ultimate SUV Restomod? Gateway Bronco Luxe-GT Review | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

Entrance Bronco's latest and biggest variation of the iconic Ford is rather the . Not just does the Luxe-GT have the sort of paint job that makes it appear like a ray of sunlight anywhere you park it, there is likewise a brand name brand-new chassis below. Entrance claims that this imparts the kind of performance usually just discovered in modern SUVs.

Created with Premcar out in Australia, the chassis is a declared 70 per cent stiffer torsionally, has independent front suspension and brings with it ABS and stability control. As Gateways's CEO and Creator, Seth Burgett, tells us, there are also new crash structures integrated both front and rear for higher assurance.

To assist show-off the capabilities of the chassis, there is a Coyote 5-litre V8 under the bonnet putting out 460bhp and 420lb feet of torque through a 10 speed 'box. Maybe a lot more essential than the impressive 5.3 second 0-60mph time it propels the Bronco to, nevertheless, is the wonderful soundtrack that the naturally aspirated V8 provides.

In order to truly test the Bronco, took in a huge range of roadways, from travelling around Santa Monica (Apple CarPlay was useful), through some miles on the interstate (The Focal stereo was impressive), to twisty canyon roadways above Malibu. And wherever we drove or parked, it got a substantial quantity of attention – all of it extremely positive. It just appeared to make people smile. Which is nice.

Hopefully the Point Break recommendation and the waterproof Denim (yes, actually) interior of this Bronco make you all smile. If so, then please consider registering for the Drivers Club () or just offering the movie a thumbs up. And please make sure you are subscribed to the channel so that you don't miss any films, either from Henry or the other hosts such as Jason Cammisa. See you next time on The Motorist's Seat with something Italian …

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The Ultimate SUV ? Gateway Bronco Luxe-GT Review | – The Driver’s Seat

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  1. I’d like to see how these super expensive restomods compare to their new counterparts, in this case a two door Bronco Heritage Edition.

  2. Wow Mr catchpole you fit in..
    Wardrobe department pulled a blinder.. epic as ever guys .. thanks for sharing.. 😎

  3. Awesome! Lost me after the 400k mention. In this day and age, I want my own hole in the wall, hard to even justify dreaming about something like this. In any case, Henry does a top notch job, all his videos are like watching a high budget movie.

  4. Thanks to Hagerty for this 11 minute journey. Getting a glimpse into the Bronco lifestyle without cutting a retirement check, well, there’s not much else you can ask for from a free YouTube video. Henry doing a killer job as always.

  5. Thank You so much for showing such builds which inspire people to go and get what they want. That Bronco is the perfect mix between creativity and desire for bringing back these old timers but reborn in a much modern way. Couldn’t have seen a more emotionally pleasing piece of art on 4 wheels.

  6. To Europeans, the Bronco’s look is all of America packed into a small car. Europeans perceive the Bronco the same way they perceive the Mustang. It’s hard to find more American cars. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this shape. So simple and yet fascinating.

  7. The appeal of the Bronco, besides nostalgia, is the mechanical simplicity and durability. Personally, I would slightly upgrade the vehicle with: disc brakes, reinforcement to the frame, stronger lighter roll bars, and better progressive shocks and a larger than original but non electronics driven V8. Keep it simple.

  8. Certainly an opinion but I think ICON 4×4 makes the best restomod sold today. You get something that looks original if you want and super well built. I couldn’t think what it was that bothered me with this one until I stood back a while. It looks like 10 or so different designers each took a section and built something and someone else put it all together. There is no coherent theme to this vehicle and it comes off looking like a Hot Wheels. Which is great if you like over designed stuff. To each their own, way to much going on for me for that price.

  9. My uncle has a 66 pickup style bronco that he has kept in bare metal because of all the cool custom bodywork he has done. It’s 4wd but sits about 4 inches off the ground with a 351 stroked out to a 429. It runs high 10’s but he never even drives it anymore, he got a new one and he fell in love with the tech and comfort…This Bronco is the best of both worlds.

  10. It’d be interesting to see your thoughts on the same roads in the Icon Bronco. Similar customer wealth required but very differently executed.

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