The Ultra-Rare 800hp Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse!

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Whilst in Canada, I support the wheel of the ex-@DailyDrivenExotics Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse!

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The Ultra-Rare 800hp Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse!

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  1. Have been watching STG for 5 years – and only since a few months I’ve started to watch every single video (including podcasts etc.). In my opinion the channel is really coming together, while others (JWW…) are degenerating. I love your work Sam, keep it up, following every step of the journey.

    1. Quality over quantity always wins…or at least it should. Hope this channel will continue to do well.

    2. I wouldn’t say JWW is degenerating as such but his stuff definitely has a more corporate feel to it now even though he gets some great access and the quality is good. I miss the old days of his vids with the road trips with STG etc though

  2. Thank you Sam, awesome cinematic footage from the Canada trip and it is excellent to see you dash around the world, showing us the interesting sights and sounds 👍😎

  3. As far as I know the key differences between the STS and SC aren’t major, as the SC is more or less a facelifted STS. One big one is obviously that therefore the Squadra Corse ‘profits’ from the facelifted bumpers (I don’t think I prefer them) but it gets the same basic design in terms of wheels, wing and carbon fiber parts. The Squadra Corse did get a slight power boost and is about 70 kg lighter if i’m not mistaken, so it’s ought to be a bit quicker. But the comparision between the two is very obvious and understandably confusing as they’re both ‘Super Trofeo derived’ Gallardos.

    Oh and the chance of seeing an STS is about three times as big as they made 150 examples of them.

    1. As far as I know, the main difference between the sts and the squadra corse is that the squadra corse has slightly more downforce.

  4. Something that I like about older cars like this is actually the slower gearbox. The way it changes aggressively adds more theatre and character to accelerating. Modern cars will be faster, but they’re sort of robotic about it. Whereas a Lexus LFA or a Gallardo will sound great and have a sense of occasion every time.

    1. Alot of that shifting in older cars that you love upsets the cars balance with the overly aggressive shifting not all good and of course slow

    2. I love the short pause in between two gears. Same with manual gearboxes (without the popcorn exhausts!!).
      It‘s braaaaaaaaaam …*break*…brrraaAAAAAAAAAM
      These DCTs are amazing, but yea… The process of fulfilling the shift is a nice process aswell, which can be celebrated, too 😁

  5. I watched the whole life of that car and it was immaculate! And the carbon reworked also!!!

  6. Love the Gallardo. The wife hired me one for a week when I turned 30 – twelve years ago now and still burned in to my memory forever. Would love to own one one day.

  7. Is this Dave’s old Squadra Corse from Daily Driven Exotics? Oh wait. It is!
    Always love the Squadra Corse over the Super Trofeo Stradale!

    1. Hey Sam, gonna check out NordVPN, but where did you stay overnight in Banff? I’m heading out there and curious what the place was.

  8. Been cool seeing so many local roads and locations in the recent videos. Visit more often!

  9. I live in Calgary, so welcome to unpredictable Calgary weather that we know and love (not really). The Corvette was a Z51with the optional high wing. I know ’cause I own one. The Z06 is the latest variant with a flat-plane crank V8. You should review a right-hand drive one on your channel when you get back home. It might surprise you with how good it actually is. The new track looks interesting … but you have to be a member and it’s really very expensive especially for a track you can only use 6 months of the year. Definitely not like the Nordschleife, where everyone can drive for a small fee on tourist drive days. Hopefully they’ll consider this as an option one day.

  10. One of my favourite cars ever from the DDE cars. Loved the fact it was so rare and yet DDE did so much with it. Probably my favourite Gallardo ever ❤️

    1. They kept it so classy with the mods as well. Everything is performance/sound rather than crazy livery and aesthetic mods

    2. @Colin M they did have a crazy wrap at one point, but it’s just that – a wrap. Easily removable

  11. When you do a retake but leave it in the video anyway! 😂
    Great video as always Sam. Such an inspiration. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. Great video Sam shame the weather was indifferent for you and the F40’s didn’t appear, the driver of the GT3RS was as you said “ a proper hero “ but the Gallardo was nuts😳👍

  13. After watching the channel for several years now, it was a bit surreal to see you walking around my own city of Calgary! It’s a shame you couldn’t be here longer and get to witness some of the mental super and hypercars that reside in town.

  14. We did exactly this journey in 2019 from Calgary to Banff, Revelstoke, Kelowna, Whistler, Pender Harbor and then on to Vancouver Island (before coming home from Vancouver). The scenery is truly breathtaking and the locals were so wonderfully hospitable too. Safe travels and thanks again for the great content.

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