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    1. Aside from the pop-up headlights on the F40, I’ve always preferred the look of the F50. The F50 with pop up headlights would hands down be the most beautiful car. Just perfect.

    2. @Andry Bederover I’m talking about Ferrari only. Remember when 488 launched and people rant about it didn’t have NA engine anymore. But they forgot f40 have turbo.

    1. 300 vs 1300

      Weird because ive seen 2 f50 and i got to drive one about 30 meters when i worked valet

    2. ​@neoqueto Multiple SVJs, a Carrera GT, one Veyron and a P1. Those are the highest value ones.

      My personal favorite was a blacked out AMG 560 SEC that a regular customer I knew had in his collection. It looks like an 80s car and feels like a modern car with that sturdy build quality.

  1. Once saw an old guy driving one of these on the highway, in the left lane, slow, with his left blinker on.

  2. The f40 has bin going up in price for a few years and it will be never be seen on the roads 😢

    1. Good because everytime someone drives something that expensive they are plastered all over the news after crashing a $3,000,000 classic

    2. You don’t really know what you are saying, f40’s aren’t rare like the f50, besides they are less expensive too, so easier to see on the road, especially car meets and even normal days too

    3. @Who Cares at car shows I have seen many cars but only one f40 in my life and never on the rd but maybe I get lucky 🍀

  3. The F50 is LEGENDARY! I live across the street from an owner that uses his daily, in the summer!

    He draws crowds wherever he goes in it!☺️

  4. The star of NFS II for me! Long before I had access to the internet, the F50 was (and still is) one of my absolute favourite cars.

  5. I was always on the side of F40, but in the past couple of months the F50 has grown on me massively, especially after MrJWW’s video with one

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