The World’s Biggest Car Has An Apartment Inside!

This is the world's biggest , called the H1 X3. It gets the name H1 X3 since it's 3 times bigger than the initial H1. It's 3 times longer, 3 times taller and 3 times larger.

What's much more uncommon is that inside this Hummer H3 is a duplex "house", fully geared up with a kitchen area, bathroom and lounge area. The enormous and truck can however you most likely will not discover lots of parking spaces for it. Today, Sergi reveals you around this unbelievable large Hummer!

Thanks to Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan and


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The World's Biggest Car Has An Apartment Inside!

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  1. My favorite is the hummer h1 x3, a house on wheels that can also withstand floods
    that would be awesome

  2. WOW! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This is the coolest collection I’ve ever seen. You knocked out of the park with this one.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ†

  3. I love how he compares Shaq with the tires to give people a better idea, like we’re going to use “shaqs” instead of meters

    1. We are still developing technology beyond your imagination๐Ÿ˜‚People aren’t sitting idiol

  4. Unlike the sultan of brunei, This guy actually maintains his collection. I like the fact that it’s a very unique garage. He is basically turning his imagination into vehicles

  5. Courtesy of my fatherโ€™s passing, I wish to have a vehicle like those, and a little something to cheer me up. Whatโ€™s on your mind, Supercar Blondie?

    1. It’s so big and expensive. $25 thousand dollars per wheel. I can’t even afford to live inside the tire.

  6. That’s the biggest hummer I ever seen on YouTube and I have been watching this YouTube channel for about 4 years now and it’s amazing to see all of these different cars on this YouTube channel.

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