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    1. Street Legal where.? Here in indonesia everything that moves is street legal until you bump on someone else’s car or someone else’s (god forbid) body.. 😅

    2. Derived from an f1 engine , the block was the same . There were huge differences from the f1 v12 to the v12 in the f50

  1. “Remember the little red button?”
    “Push the little red button…and you may want to put on a seatbelt” 👽

  2. The pedal unit is a terrific idea. Much cleaner-looking. I’m kinda wondering why that isn’t as standard as adjustable steering…

    1. The seat has what attached to it?
      The pedals have brake, clutch, throttle, all attached. And for a lot of vechiles, those attachments include physical connections. All of those are a lot more difficult to just move the pedals around vs a seat that maybe has a warmer and a seat belt to worry about

    2. ​@ẞatman What are you talking about? Do you understand that you’re looking at a production vehicle?
      Regardless of whatever it is you’ve imagined you’re talking about, somebody with a few million to spare and the right relationship with Mercedes, can buy one, adjust the pedals, and drive it away – after putting a print-out of what you just wrote, under their buttocks.

    3. @John Abruzzo I wondered about the fact that adjustable pedals aren’t _as standard as adjustable steering_ – what’s wrong, are you having trouble following?
      Let me try and assist: notwithstanding your wife’s Grand Whatever 3000, today, are adjustable pedals, _equally generally available as a feature,_ as adjustable steering?
      If your answer is, “Yes”, I just can’t help you further.
      If your answer is, “No”, why then, that – that part – is what I was wondering about.

  3. I feel really sorry for Hamiltons car, believing the guys at Brixworth are able to troubleshoot what the issue was.

  4. Imagine tryna get away quick but you have to push 3 different buttons to turn it on 😂

  5. “world’s first Street legal car with an F1 engine “. Porsche Carrera GT left the chat.

  6. Your dominance of the presentations and the vehicles you introduce are very special, but you are the one who makes those cars beautiful, good luck

  7. That’s actually the only car that I would buy if I had the money, hands down better than a lambo and Bugatti

  8. “Mercedes just made a batmobile and y’all just gon keep quiet, I knew Bruce was real”😂

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