The World’s Greatest Road… SIX YEARS Later! [Driving Up A Volcano In My Ferrari 360]

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6 years later on, I go back to the place of one my all time greatest memories … and this time with my 360!

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The World's Greatest Road… SIX YEARS Later! [Driving Up A Volcano In My 360]

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  1. It’s a mega recreation, of an insane moment, that all OGs of the channel will remember! Well played Sam. It’s a sunrise, of a lifetime – BUT REPEATED so, twice in a lifetime?! I need to go myself someday. It just has to happen.

  2. Sunrise drives are just the best. I do it as much as I can in The New Forest, where I live. Every time it’s such an amazing experience and no matter how hard you try, the atmosphere simply cannot be captured properly in any photo or video. The best therapy for any petrolhead. ❤

  3. Love the click, click of the gears on the drive to the summit… of your best episodes 👏🏻

  4. The clip from the cyclist was awesome. I appreciate you putting the clip in, and I appreciate the cyclist for allowing you to use the clip.

  5. Before i even watch this one: That Video with you and Seb from 6 Years ago is still one of my *favorites* on your channel.
    What an absolutely *EPIC* experience that must have been, chasing the sunrise above the clouds, on a Volcano.
    The way you filmed and edited that one, the story line, just *stunning* and a true bucket list adventure that will last forever.
    And yesssss, there it is ! 6:40 😲 That´s just *magic* and i have goosebumps.

  6. 6:54 i don’t know why but that shot gave me an immense feeling of nostalgia, sadness and peace

    1. True. It reminds you the good years, the time when those cars were build. Those cars of this era are timeless.

  7. I feel like I say this every other month nowadays, but this has to be the best video you have put out to date. Amazing content Sam! This is why you are my favorite content creator.

    1. This really is the best automotive content I’ve ever watched… Really makes me want to go for an morning drive💪🏻

  8. This episode is why STG (and Sam) is my favourite YouTube automotive channel – Blending travel, video production and car content – Congrats on a brilliant video! 😎

  9. This was an incredible master piece, deserves millions of views! I have watched most STG videos since 2016, this comes up on top, well done!

  10. Sam, this has to be one of my favorite videos ever. I’ve watched your video 6 years ago in awe and somewhat recreated it last March on Gran Canaria in a rented Fiat 124 Spider. It was honestly the best morning in my life. Thank you for the video and the inspiration! 🙂

  11. This is the first time I have refreshed my feed to watch out for this video to drop, first time I have done that on YouTube! Well done Sam, crazy trip, and I can’t believe they stuck you up on the top deck for that trip. Make sure to talk to the crew on the way back before you board and ask them to put you on last so you can stay near the ramp and don’t have to go up the decks.

  12. Sam, visually, you’re up their with the best automotive YouTubers! This video is just pure joy for the eyes and ears!

  13. Back when I was 12 years old, I remember how fun, scenic, and beautiful it was to watch Sam and Seb drive their McLarens from the event to check out this spectacular sunrise! Now as an adult I got the chance to see Sam relive that memory with his very own Ferrari!

    Truly I can agree what Sam says about this place! Wouldn’t be surprised if Sam chose it as his place of retirement.

  14. This is epic. Thanks to your video 6 years ago I also went to see the sunrise above the clouds when I was on my trip in Tenerife! It was beautiful to see

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