These plastic balls have literally saved lives! 😱😳 I 🎥: @cityofraleigh #plastic #balls #water

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These plastic balls have literally saved lives! 😱😳 I 🎥: @cityofraleigh #plastic #balls #water

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    1. Saw a documentary on this a while back. Aparantly some R&D has gone into this product/process and these were supposed to be the best shape and this colour/end result material is supposed to be the best too & I think they said like negligible or no contamination came from them… I wouldn’t particulaly trust that after 10years or so though one would hope they’d get changed within a recommended timeframe.


  1. And why are this plastic balls black? I know is becouse UV stable material that they use, but white will be even better…or?

  2. Old taught bleeding blockhead blowgun just like Def Leppard said. I putting the pudding in the pot in Hong Kong with my ping pong bong Wong Chong and ding dong jingling on my long John dangling my dang long ling long along a gong to make boink bong from wrong song mallets bong

  3. Who’s picking up 96 million plastic balls? We know a lot of these are going to be left there cause state workers aren’t about to pick up all 96 million.

  4. For every action, there is a reaction. Which expert said the ball idea wouldn’t cause any collateral harm?

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