These will be Future Collectible Cars


Tune in as I talk with Kennan and Alanis about the cars and trucks we believe will be the future collectible and classic cars.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:33 THIS …
01:41 An Off-Road Super Icon?
03:51 The Biggest Wing In Presence?
05:46 MARK MY WORDS !!!
09:07 The Dying Types …
13:09 Leaving The Analog Era
15:09 The Feeling is Genuinely Various
18:09 Doug's Insight on Alanis's Great Select
20:14 A Couple Of Off-Road Legends!
25:41 A Wild Horse Appears!
29:35 The End of Hot Hatches ??
31:58 Outro

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These will be Future Collectible Cars

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  1. Under the context that Doug isn’t going anywhere, I’m actually appreciating the inclusion of Doug’s friends and the Doug extended universe. The personalities really do play off each other well.

  2. Seeing Doug in the same room as other people is always weird. Sometimes I forgot that he’s a real human and not a strange Goblin man who lives under a car.

  3. I really like this format with all of you. The reviews when you’re both talking to the camera, feels different. I think that’s why Throttle House guys can talk to each other about a car in a review and it works – if that makes sense.

    I appreciate the evolution regardless! 👍

  4. i feel like the newest nsx is way underrated. i feel like they will eventually become rare

    1. yes! bc when it came out, it was known as “the slowest supercar” now you see dp tune cars putting it down

    2. I agree. It was the future of supercars with its V6 and electrification with others followed (look at the Ferrari 296 and McLaren Artura), which I think will be looked back on one day as the beginning of that era. However, at the time no one bought it because it didn’t have the “right badge” on it.

  5. The s2000 is going to continue to go up in value. One of very few high revving cars that is reliable. I’m guessing it’ll be worth a small fortune in the future.

    1. True! But this video is limited to cars that are available to buy today. Been quite a while since a new S2K could be purchased.

    2. @Dot Comsame here – they were under 10k when I was looking years ago now with under 100k miles, and clean, they’re $25k and over for an AP1. That’s why I wouldn’t mind one with over 100k miles – it’s a Honda! Hoping they’ll stay around $15-$20k

  6. So nice of Doug to let them use his 1.2 million dollar cookie table throughout the filming of this video haha

  7. Attitude transition is priceless @ 0:43 and Kennan confirmed it by some laughter. Eventually, that is what makes me tuning in everytime a new episode is posted.

  8. The really weird thing about the new NSX, which I liked, is that it was both too late and too soon. If it had come out sooner it would have been more revolutionary or if they had waited it would be competing with the E-Ray and triple motor electrics like Plaid and Lucid Sapphire

  9. This format is the perfect way for all of you to build camera chemistry. Keep up the good work!

  10. I love how Doug, correctly, went off on people making predictions about the car market. Then without missing a beat, followed it up with some self/group deprecating humor. Fantastic self awareness Doug!! Love this group!!

    1. That definitely sounds like something that somebody with a boring looking old man laptop would refer to yours as.

    2. I’m seeing a laptop, a piece of cardboard or plywood and a wireless keyboard. There’s a lot going on there.

    3. @Roukaa98 it doesn’t matter if you have a five year old Asus or a new Macbook, typing is typing. For those 64 words per minute or more, I’m free.

  11. The on screen chemistry between Doug and the new presenters is improving nicely, much more natural 👍

  12. “New things get hate and as tinw goes on they get accepted ” that defines how I feel about other hosts Doug, I really appreciate seeing Kennan and Alanis now :’) ❤️ (I even feel dumb for disliking them in the first place 😶)

    Also: I hope this becomes a future classic (But I don’t think it will) the Toyota GR 86 it might very well be the end of the line for the 86 and even among the current sports cars it represents something that doesn’t exist anymore (other than the MX-5) small, lightweight, reasonably powered cars that are full of feel 🥰❤️ (A.K.A. Just my cup of tea 🥰)

  13. There’s just something calming about seeing these enthusiasts having a great chat. Keep it please.

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