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    1. Only the z06 packages really hold strong value. You can get a base manual c6 for cheap. I had one recently

    2. @TheSaturdayNights ya that’s true but ev3n then a base model will climb up fast if v8’s are gone entirely.

    3. Only thing that’s holding me back is a house with a garage that I own. Once I own one I would buy a vette in a heart beat. But with the way the housing market is… lol

  1. I was just thinkin…..
    it does kind of feel like, we’re livin in a new HOT ROD ERA.

  2. to bad people will own them and continue to find ways to build them and maintain them FOREVER jus look at model Ts and As so hold your heads high my young car enthusiasts we lit to the grave ✌🏾✌🏾💯

    1. Stellantis said they are discontinuing the V8 for economic reasons. Their new I6 turbo is much cheaper to manufacture, has fewer parts, and is a vastly simplified design overall.

    2. @Menti CaptiEconomic reasons like California cracking down even further on emissions and MPG. I don’t think you can even sell ICE in Cali after 2035 or something. The government has locked out the market.

    3. Yes, unless they can somehow make one way more efficient than before. Even MDS wasn’t enough in the long run. We’re going to be looking at Turbo 4s and 6s (or even NA) which are still crazy powerful for their size.

    1. @IJ HarrisHe indeed was. And if you were wondering it was usually those old AMC V8s that came in old jeep wagoners and cherokees from the 70s.

  3. Got a manual 3.8 rspec genesis, and I’m not scared of it getting stolen bc no one knows how to drive it around me 💀 *freedom noises*

    1. It’s the consumer population you are not everyone and electric cars will eventually be a clearly better deal to the avg consumer Environment or not 0-60s in 3 seconds SsD batteries with potential to cut battery weight by a third and increase range up to 800mph for a 20 minute change you would be moronic to by 90% off affordable petrol cars if a ssb battery EV was out like if a taycan had a Solid state battery which should happen between 25-30

  4. We’re basically in another gas crunch era, except the engines are dropping cylinders (or dropping out entirely) but we’re not losing power.

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