They make motorbike limbo look so easy! 🤯🏍️ I 🎥: @lezitow #racing #tricks #bike

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They make motorbike limbo look so easy! 🤯🏍️ I 🎥: @lezitow #racing #tricks #bike

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    1. @@siddhant8430 I am impressed with her too. Doing such things is obviously difficult. But if you see the stunts of boys, you will come to know that they are doing the riskier ones.

  1. Girl rides bike…
    Bike : “ummm nah ! … no !! .. nah !… no !! … no ! no ! no ! Ahmm! no ! noooooooooo ! no !!! … ” 😂

    1. @@p5ychy what’s with reading too much between the lines… ?? The bike sounds funny … that’s all. _Daddy chill_ !! And that is not how you are supposed to spell _misogyny_ … seriously, you kids these days.

  2. So she’s the one who drifted under Ultron’s truck to give Cap his shield back! #TheMoreYouKnow🌈

  3. Видать девчонка опытная счастья и здороаья еи и тому кто учил ее.

  4. Я, бы на ней-женился! Я русский-так, не умею… Но, учила, бы… 😮

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