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    1. On what grounds?
      Since when has a car manufacturer ever been able to stop a car owner from making modifications to a car *they* own?

    2. @Dean Gyou obviously don’t know about Ferrari. They have done it many times. They even sued one YouTuber for doing a cat wrap.

    3. @Stolaz Don’t be so immature. I am asking what the legal basis for suing was.

      That is not hating, that is a genuine enquiry. You can’t sue unless there is a legal basis for doing so.

      It sounds to me you don’t know much about law. If you don’t know then say so.

      Grow up.

    4. @Dean G ah ok I had no idea thank you for clarifying it generally I wouldn’t think it is legal since I’m assuming that track is rented out or they got permission no one would be so dumb to put a jet engine on a car illegally without knowing the huge burden being brought upon them if not doing so, but generally saying grow up because of my misinformation is quite rash of you I’m not necessarily mad or anything but I think making such bold statements isn’t a good idea depending on the person you are making them tward also me saying I do not know so much about the law is a quite the bold statement as well

  1. Reminds me of a episode from Sonic X. Where they put a rocket engine on a formula 1 car to catch Sonic.

    1. Totally disagree. When you buy something, unless you enter into a formal written agreement at the time of with the seller prohibiting you from making modifications, then you own it and you can do what the hell you like with it.

      As for the argument, Enzo’s are already rare and this should not be done to them, making a modification like this is even rarer and increases the value of this car and the unmodified models. So that argument is flawed.

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