This Bentley Azure Was Peak 1990s Obscene Wealth Luxury


Azure evaluation! Hoovie's Garage Azure was a $350,000 luxury convertible simply 12 years earlier– more than $400,000 in today's money– and this particular Azure was owned by celebrity Jean Claude Van Damme. Now it's for sale on Cars & Quotes at no reserve. I've examined Hoovie's Azure to discover what it resembles to the supreme high-end convertible from 2001.

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00:00 THIS …
00:44 Hoovie's Azure is for sale on CARS & BIDS !!
01:22 Overview
02:55 Powertrain
03:57 It was EXPENSIVE!
05:34 Quirks & Characteristics
07:27 Interior
09:32 Convertible Roofing
10:30 More Interior
16:18 Back Seats
18:12 Trunk
19:15 Exterior Styling
20:17 Driving Experience
24:46 Outro & DougScore

This Bentley Azure Was Peak 1990s Obscene Wealth Luxury

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  1. So NASA measures asteroids in tuna and Doug starts measuring literally every length in Volvo XC90s. What has the world come to?

  2. The Azure is really a really cool-looking luxury convertible. I don’t know anything about Bentleys from this era, so it’s cool to learn more things about them

    1. I’d have to agree, it is a grand looking car. I’d even say it’s better looking than the Rolls it shares a platform with.

  3. My grandfather (and later I) had a 1972 Buick Centurion convertible. This Bentley reminds me a lot of that land barge, including the GM transmission and noisy automatic roof. 🙂
    It also had the power rear quarter-window silliness. It really feels like Bentley didn’t bother to do anything to modernize the luxury convertible experience thirty years later.

    1. Exactly. My 03 Expedition has an LCD screen in the gauge cluster AND cooled seats (heated as well). How did a nearly $400k Bentley not have those things. Yet my $46k 2 year newer Expedition did?

    2. Bentley has no money to modernise because their number of sales was so low because of their price. Until they got bought up by Volkswagen.

    3. @Andrew Norris that old Centurion had a 455 in it, but just like this Bentley it was more for giving a stately and quiet ride than for sport. (I used to accidentally grind the starter because I literally couldn’t hear the engine was already running in that boat)

  4. Poor Hoovie having to liquidate large parts of his collection. Thanks to Doug for supporting him.

    1. It’s impressive how many cars he’s selling… if it’s really a divorce, she’s taking him to the cleaners

  5. The roof folding up near your head would drive me nuts and would have to be fixed but otherwise, pretty impressive shape. I’m sure someone will have a blast with this cruiser.

    1. ​@Borkybn it is not, this is a fully hydraulic roof, it’s a nightmare to replace all the lines when it leaks

  6. 25 years ago I was walking around Monaco checking out the cars, yachts and everything else I couldn’t afford. A biker looking guy wearing a marijuana leaf bandana drove by in one of these with the top down. I always wondered who that guy was.

  7. This is the kind of car where even now, 22 years later, a 4-speed auto is probably the right transmission.

  8. Azure already reviewed by Dough for once before but never mind because for me personaly Azure is THE MOST MAJESTIC CAR of them all ever…..absolute TOP image cruiser for summer wofty ride around countryside…owning such status wheels describes “I don’t care….because I don’t have to anymore…I am just cruisin'”

  9. Been enjoying all the content lately from the channel. Hoovie’s Garage Clearing House is really taking off

  10. Your closing animation makes me laugh.Thnx.I would think ‘Sport mode’ would change shift points so it did give a kick into moving,like passing or just for fun.”Ponderous” is a great feeling.I had a 77 Toronado and it floated but under hard moves would keep control,and it did weigh a hair Over 3 tons.Anyone who’s looking at a ‘comfort cruiser’ would love this car.

  11. Small trivia: as well as the hard top Continental and full convertible Azure, there was also a Continental Sedanca Coupe, which had a lift-out roof panel above the front seats.

  12. That was my uncle’s car for a while! He owned it between Jon Claude and the next owner but used a dealers license so I don’t think he was ever a “registered owner”. He’s the one that put all the money into the convertible top before Hoovie had it and that windshield latch really is SO loud when it unlatches in person. Sounds like a gunshot 🥴

    1. There you have it folks, the original owner was actually Jonathon Claude, not Jean-Claude Van Damme 😂

  13. The interior under the sunlight is a masterpiece, the beautiful leather combined with the high quality shiny wood and chrome pieces shining is so beautiful to look at.

  14. This is one of the best and most honest reviews of the 01′ Bentley Azure. Hats off to Doug De Muro and Tyler Hoovie for being so transparent on the pros and cons of this turn of the century land yacht.

  15. At Bentley, we understand our clientele can’t be seen opening a door for someone else, such activities are referred to as “Employees Only”. The Azure includes a door handle for the person sitting behind you. You can have them open the door for you by issuing a verbal command, or exit the vehicle and close the door so they can do it themselves!

  16. I think the Min Oil is telling you minimum engine oil level rather than mineral oil. This is a gauge that has been in many Bentley and Rolls Royce vehicle to serve the purpose of checking the engine oil level.

    1. Came to say this too. Other cars Doug has reviewed have also had gauges that perform double duty, so it was funny to me that he literally thought the car used mineral oil instead of just conventional motor oil 😄

  17. I can totally get the feeling of just enjoy that you’re driving the car instead of speeding or something. Me and my family rented an insane luxury rooftop with ocean view for like, 1/3 of the value for 4 days, cus the costumer that would stay have cancelled and already paid. And most of the time I spent there, I was just chilling, having a drink and enjoying the view while contemplating that luxury moment.
    I’d probably never get bored of this vibe if I could afford a car like this 😅

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