This Cadillac DeVille Is the Performance Sedan Nobody Suspects


Cadillac DTS-i review! This special Cadillac was modified by Cadillac and Tim Allen for more power and other upgrades. Today I'm examining this unique Cadillac and I'm going to reveal you all the fantastic quirks and features of this amazing Deville. I'm likewise going to the Tim Allen and reveal you what it's like on the road.


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This Is the Performance Sedan Nobody Suspects

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  1. These 2000s Cadillacs were packed with tech and super comfortable to drive. It’s a shame the Northstar engines had such so many fatal flaws that really hurt Cadillac’s reputation.

    1. @L Kendrix if you drive a lot, don’t do it. Crappy QC, out ok f warranty costs are immense. Door handles 800, modules 3-5k. Only Tesla can service. Expensive parts. Very poor ressle. Stick with Lexus

    2. @DonnieDarko727 Toyota’s first attempt at an all electric ⚡️ vehicle, the bZ4x was recalled die to the wheels falling off! Teslas continues to improve. Legacy auto makers can’t seem to get themselves together.

    3. @DonnieDarko727 convincing me that a legacy auto maker like Toyota can’t get their sh!t together and make a worthy opponent to Tesla?

    1. It may be the ONLY Northstar that won’t blow-up. They are soooo horrendously unreliable. I know Doug doesn’t get into that kind of talk much but you can learn about it elsewhere.

      Also, the DeVille (and renamed DTS which was DeVille Touring Sedan in the same way the Seville became the STS) was in fact the first production car to use LED taillights…at least in the US.

  2. I have a friend that owns a standard Develle and it’s amazing just how luxurious it is for such an old car. He has a gauge cluster with a screen, heated and cooled front and rear seats, powered just about everything, and much more. It’s truly a stunning car. If only it was as reliable as it was luxurious

    1. Tbh looking back you’re so right. I had a 2000 as my first car for almost a decade, and lookng back at what’s standard in cars nowadays — my deville had them before them all.

    2. Lol that was the first thing I thought of. GM likes to load up their cars with high end features and tech but stuff (like power window regulators ugh) is always breaking.

    3. As a DeVille owner myself, I’ve always had a want to find somewhere there to be aftermarket upgrades. People told me it was impossible, there’s no need for upgrades. This shows there is hope for these cars and a want for more power out of these boats!

  3. Thank you for still making videos on older cars even though you know they will get less views – your old fan base such as myself appreciates you Doug. You’re a real one.

    1. I love it when Doug makes videos on new cars. These old cars are so boring and that nobody cares about them.

    2. I’m pretty sure the views on those videos on new cars would drop as well if he stopped doing these. The people subscribed for older and cool cars would start unsubscribing.

  4. I always love these 80s, 90s and 2000s cars reviews. It’s just wonderful to see what was high performance and high-tech back on these times.
    Also, I loved this Deville. I didn’t knew about this “new” Deville, only about the 60s one. But boy oh boy, what a wonderful performance sedan!

  5. Factory sleepers! Love ’em already but didn’t know of this particularly cool one’s existence until today. Isn’t Cars and Bids just the perfect complement to this channel for some odd/unusual content to surface that would otherwise hardly ever become possible? Very much enjoyed this video, thank you.

    1. Eh, they were quick-ish in their day. Not really sleepers per se, being slightly faster than most 200-ish hp V6 family cars. The 240-280 hp V6 family cars of the early 2000s eclipsed them in straight line performance. But in the early to mid 90s, the Northstar STSs were a little faster than, say, the original LS400 or Q45, and similar to V8 E-Classes, XJs and 5-Series.

      Comparing them to the 9-speed or CVT-equipped cars of today, with the insanely fine tuning control of advanced computer controlled systems isn’t really fair, though. This was back before variable valve timing allowed broader spectra of power and output was limited by 4 speed automatics. Even wheel slip played a bigger role with less advanced traction control. It’s a meaningless comparison.

      My $50 tracfone has more computing power than a $20k Silicon Graphics workstation from 1992. Big whoop.

  6. I imagine if Doug got to build his own sleeper from the factory, he’d likely end up with a sleeper Mitsubishi Mirage! 😂

    1. *Isuzu VehiCROSS 😉 (gonna open the floor for cars no longer being manufactured)

      PD: Although I’d guess if Doug got the chance he’d present the autoexecs with a bone-stock 2022/2023 Suzuki Jimmy and point repeatedly

    2. I would like to see Mitsubishi do a factory hot hatch Mirage. It barely weighs a ton, all it would need is 130HP or so.

    3. @M P I’d say at least 150 horsepower to please today’s market. As long as 0 – 60 is faster than 9 seconds, it’ll surprise some people.

  7. Tim Allen has worked with many auto makers over the years. He has hands on many ford projects. Tim A. Is more of A car enthusiast that loves the design of the car, then just “car collector” or a speed head. He know lots of history of cars from all around the world.

    1. The fact that Tim Allen likes cars doesn’t improve my opinion of him. I wondered why he would try to do this with a Cadillac vs. just getting a BMW or something that already has those characteristics, but whatever I guess.

  8. The Deville, Seville, and El Dorado were cool looking cars. They deserved to be rear wheel drive.

    1. The Seville’s successor STS (Seville Touring Sedan) had RWD 🙂, while the DeVille’s successor DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan) kept its FWD 😐

      They were both succeeded by the XTS – which had FWD

      The El Dorado didn’t have any successor

  9. Guys, if you love when Doug reviews older cars, like and click on videos where he does so! I’ve seen him on Twitter contemplate switching to only reviewing new cars due to lower views on videos like this. I for one love the older car reviews, so if you do as well, which I’d assume most of his subscribers do, let’s help incentivize Doug to continue!

    1. @Mateus Pinesi de Souza 🤡 Do you think his recent video the Genesis GV60 is not a “quirks and features” car?

    2. @Bryan Areson aw da widdle baby is upset he got likes and da widdle baby didnt WAHHHHHH

    3. @BookishNerDan 🤡 comment. What’s the point of the “longer” DougScore? People always hated his Doug score. They used to make fun of his scores. They took his scores out of context. I’m glad Doug doesn’t explain his scores anymore. That definitely stoped those hate comments.

    4. @chocolate warrior what do you drive then? Straight piped Infiniti with sadboy build?

      Yeah clearly you don’t even know what a carbon fiber is. There’s no such thing as “new” carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the same thing all throughout. Since you don’t know what carbon fiber is, let me explain. It means that it’s a lightweight material to make cars faster. A lot of supercars use carbon fiber because they wanted to make it lighter, and when a car with a lot of horsepower and torque is very light, then it becomes faster.

      I hope you’re just trolling when you hated on carbon fiber. I really hope you know what carbon fiber really means. It is really really important to make cars as light as possible.

  10. I’m happy that more brands will start doing the turn signal lighting on the side, not just for the drivers, but also for me mostly as a pedestrian, because during the day, it can be hard to see if, or which signal they’ve got on.

  11. Doug is a proper top notch car review guy new & old in depth & enthusiasm is unmatched leaves you knowing alot more information about any said car! Bang on cheers doug

  12. I’ve seen this Caddy parked in the Petersen’s parking garage a couple of times. The fixed Brembo calipers really conveyed that this was some special edition or modded model. I was super curious and found Car and Driver article on it. Such a wonderfully odd creation.

  13. I had myself a 07 DTS performance. higher horsepower and Gms early magnetic suspension. I wouldn’t say it was quick, but it would get you to 100
    mph so smoothly and effortlessly it would catch you off gaurd.

    1. drove one the same year and it moves very well considering the size and numbers, that growl!

  14. The 4T80E transmission had “Performance Algorithm Shifting”! One of the first ones that uses driver inputs to pick the right gear and shift firmness. In my STS if I braked and started to turn, it would go into 2nd gear before I got back on the accelerator.

    1. Yes, all part of the Northstar System. Haha. Or, at Oldsmobile, the Precision Control System.

  15. The amount of technology in this car is crazy for its time. More tech than some of the newest cars. Parking sensors, heated rear seats and digital speed wow.

  16. I always loved this car , because they were mostly owned by elderly people it’s easy to find a nice clean one with LOW KM. They can sound sweet with a proper exhaust the only thing is the Northstar V8 I always hear they have issues.

  17. These videos are SO important. Even if regular people don’t care about a 20 year old Caddy owned by a drug dealer turned comedian, the rest of us do. This is automotive history and it’s good to see these older cars to remind modern car makers what worked back in the day that no longer exists (like redirectable quarter glass)

  18. Had an 04 (amongst many other North stars) and it would flat out fly in a straight line (300hp was really good back then), rode smoother than anything, and got 28mpg highway, nearly 20 in city. Felt super solid, maybe not compared to an S class, but it was also half the price. If these things were RWD, they would have been real contenders. I have an ES350 now, the spiritual successor to the deville, but dead reliable.
    They get so much crap for not being German sporty, not everyone wants that. Smooth, isolating ride and high end torque for highway overtaking are all I want or need. Keep your punishing suspension and tight steering, I drive an ambulance for a living and get enough “road feedback” when I’m at work, I just want to be pampered by my car in my off time. Lots of people do. Stop mocking it.

  19. I also found the idea of a factory-tuned Deville an exciting concept. And I was satisfied with the result up until Doug said “front-wheel drive” (20:05)! Alas, I had forgotten Cadillac’s blasphemous decision to put FWD drivetrains in all their luxury Sedans from the late 80s up until 2010. Such a disappointment. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

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