THIS CAR POD! New Rivians! Fisker in BIG Trouble, RIP Gandini, $10k BRZ Deals, and MORE | EP01

Doug DeMuro & Buddies uses specialist insight and opinion on the breaking automobile stories, the cars and truck market, and answers audience questions.

On THIS Episode!
We discuss the brand-new Rivian lineup unveiling (R2, R3, and R3T), Fisker Automotive production pause and has a hard time. The death of legendary automobile designer, Marcello Gandini, Lotus Emira deliveries lastly happening in the United States, and the wild Variety Rover Sport Park City Edition. In addition, we are talking about how the Subaru BRZ and FRS are now $10k bargains, and more during our market report, and Q&A.

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Intro- 0:00.
Rivian- 00:40.
Fisker- 04:40.
Gandini- 09:09.
Emira- 13:42.
Range Rover Sport Park City- 17:30.
Automobile Market Discussion- 24:09.
Doug's Land Cruiser Rust- 42:24.
Q&A- 58:57.


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THIS CAR POD! New Rivians! Fisker in BIG Trouble, RIP Gandini, $10k BRZ Deals, and MORE | EP01

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  1. Doug the kind of guy to name a whole car podcast a four letter one syllable pronoun with emphasized enunciation.

    1. A dead meme. A stupid comment. You aren’t funny or relevant. Make millions happy and keep your inane comments to yourself. Pathetic

  2. Pre-recorded content discussing industry news instead of live coverage of c&b auctions? We asked, Doug is finally delivering.

  3. HELL YEAH doug and team, the old format was so fun, but this is such a huge improvement – keep it up homies

  4. Unfortunately none of the Fisker Oceans you’ve seen are leased. Despite announcing a lease program it isn’t currently available. The cars on the road are mainly the launch editions, which owners purchased.

  5. “You cannot accept the words of British people about British cars” 😂 lmao so true. That’s top gear in a nutshell

    1. i saw some british person saying their range rover was super reliable after the engine rebuild lolll

  6. 0:41: 🚗 Exciting news about Rivian’s new models: R2, R3 SUVs released, expanding their lineup.
    6:11: ⚠️ Fisker faces challenges as potential partnership with Nissan falls through, raising questions about the company’s future.
    10:50: 🚗 Legendary car designer Gandini’s impact on the automotive industry and his timeless creations.
    15:58: 🚗 Discussion on Lotus’s strategy, potential competition with Porsche, and the weight of their new vehicle.
    21:30: 🚲 Fascination with track editions, wooden skis, and a mysterious mirror in a car photo.
    27:48: 🚗 Comparison between two types of cars based on fun vs. practicality for different lifestyles.
    32:55: 🚗 Discussion on declining car prices leading to reevaluation of purchase decisions.
    38:29: ⚡ Challenges of owning an electric car without access to charging infrastructure.
    43:39: 🚗 Discussion on the reliability of a Toyota car used near Salt Air and the unexpected maintenance costs.
    49:05: 🚗 Discussion on common transmission issues in early model Ascent cars and Subaru head gasket replacements.
    54:24: 🚗 Discussion on the uniqueness of old Porsches, particularly a special green 986 Boxster with a rare color combination.
    1:00:17: 🚗 Discussion on the limited market appeal and pricing challenges of a specific car model.
    1:05:59: 🚗 Discussion on the design flaws of the CTSV Coupe and appreciation for the XLR as a Corvette alternative.

    Timestamps by Tammy AI

  7. You guys need a way to switch to the TV screen when you are talking over it. The screen gets washed out sometimes

    1. I agree. Either change the brightness of the tv or a filter on it if they want an actual screen and not edit in a virtual one.

  8. I would pay OBSENE money for a livestream where Doug and Filipo get drunk and try to change a headgasket

  9. You’re still failing at some basics with this streaming format (and same goes for live auctions). If you’re talking about something on the screen, then show the screen for a long while, before returning the focus to your faces. I know it’s impossible to have a picture of every single car you’re discussing because that would require the conversations to be scripted. But you talk about dozens of model in each video and only show half a dozen (tops). Each of you should prepare with a base of photos that you think might be relevant.

  10. Love the new podcast! It would be great to see inserts directly in the video rather then just on the tv.

  11. been listening to the cars and bids podcasts all week but im glad you guys are formatting it this way now, surely gonna get more views

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