This Car Sat for 30 Years. Can We Still Drive It? Dodge Challenger TA 340 Six Pack Part 2

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Last time we got this renowned 1970 Dodge Opposition TA 340 6 pack running, however we weren't pleased with simply that. We wanted to see it back on the road again too. Have a look at Part 1 here:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – A quick detail
1:50 – Vacuum Leak
3:20 – Draining the Coolant
4:15 – Pulling the Carbs
6:05 – Removing the Consumption Manifold
6:40 – A blown Gasket
8:15 – Pulling the Fuel Pump
9:15 – Do we have a fuel clog?
10:15 – Chasing Fuel Line …
11:20 – New Fuel Pump
11:50 – Back to the Fuel Lines
13:30 – I'm not dropping the Fuel Tank
14:00 – I'm dropping the Fuel Tank
15:19 – Oh look, A new Tank and Sender
18:30 – Reinstalling the Intake
19:20 – Carburetor Fuel Line Breakdown
20:20 – Installing the 6 Pack
21:35 – Fresh Coolant
24:13 – Forgot our vacuum line
25:25 – Beginning it up again
27:10 – We're now
28:25 – Outro

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This Car Sat for 30 Years. Can We Still Drive It? Dodge Challenger TA 340 Six Pack Part 2

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  1. It’s such a shame people my age will never experience cars like this from their parents youth, because of how expensive they are, now. Glad to see it was detailed first, though. Great job!

    1. There are still deals to be had on late β€˜60’s or 70’s muscle cars but you have to be willing to work on them and really seek them out. But there is also lots of other ways to enjoy an old car.
      I got my β€˜71 Cutlass seven years ago for $1900. But I also just got last week a β€˜76 D100 with 0 rust and a 440 for $1200. Is it a 340 Challenger? No. But is it a fun driver with torque to spare? Most definitely.

    2. People your age should go buy a used 3 series bmw for under 10k and be glad you never dealt with old crap cars from the 70s/80s. It’s like meeting your hero that never really lived up to your imagination in real life. A used 2011 BMW 335is will dust all these old muscle cars, be far more comfortable, have a dual clutch transmission and one of the best engine designs ever. If you want to leave town you also will not have to take out a loan to buy gas for your journey.

    3. @Silly Nut it may be hard to believe, but people like different things than you

  2. *Atta Boy Davin!*
    Proud of you, working on a Mopar like that. You done good for a Chevy guy. πŸ™‚
    I still can’t believe a T/A Challenger has been let go that far, that’s quite disappointing – but perhaps now
    the owner will see fit to do his part and be a good steward for the car for a change – it certainly deserves
    it, since it’s quite the historic vehicle (as well as rare, $$$ valuable and cool as all hell, too).
    *Ben still owes me a tee shirt!*
    Looking forward to the next Davin adventure!
    – Ed on the Ridge

  3. For me, this man is Hagerty and the whole reason I sub’d to Hagerty. May you produce many, many more videos sir!

  4. Awesome! So great to see you guys back in the shop. More like this please! Even if it’s not redline rebuilds, just more working on cars!

    1. I’m with Sean. Great to be watching you and your crew Davin!! Alway learn something. Never dull!

  5. Probably why it was parked for so long in the first place was fuel issues and driveability with the vacuum leaks. I see the Challenger still has the under dash AM/FM tape deck that was common with Mopars of the era because of their non standard radio layouts that was impossible to fit an in dash aftermarket unit without hacking up the dash.

  6. I knew the fuel tank would need to be replaced. Any car that sits for 30 years is most likely going to need a fuel tank.

  7. Man it feels good to be back in the shop! Thanks Hagerty for the upload and hopefully more soon! Thumbs up as always πŸ™‚

  8. I hope the owner keeps improving this car by replacing all of the aging and worn out parts and pieces. This is a fairly valuable car and they can put some money into it without getting”underwater” on it’s value. I think it should be treated as a survivor not not a trailer queen. Keep fixing it up and drive it.

  9. knew a guy in college who had the same T/A – yellow, automatic and no vinyl roof. what a great car, one of my personal favorite old muscles

  10. In 1972 my roommate had a 1970 AAR Cuda 340 six-pack. We would go out cruising on the weekends and challenge the locals to street drags. Those good times are gone but not forgotten. πŸ˜‰

  11. The thing I enjoy most with your show is no fake drama. the host isn’t a bozo. He’s interesting and methodical. That’s how it should be

  12. Nice job David. You make me envious with your knowledge and skill. Thanks for another enjoyable project.

  13. Really wish you were restoring it because I could watch you work on cars for literally 8hrs a day. I’d put it on as background in the garage to motivate me to get my project going. Love the show! Much love from lower michigan (sterling heights) hahaha

  14. Followed your advice, got out in the shop last weekend and took the 40 Ford pickup for a spin. Cab, pickup box, radiator, and no fenders or hood. More or less rolling chassis with the cab and box. The flathead ran great, albeit loud with down turn dumps off the headers. First drive in many years, and it felt great!

  15. Nice car… cleaned up very well, amazing people just let them sit. Definitely seems like it still has some idle issues and would’ve been nice to hear some WOT pulls!!

  16. That was a very cool video. Bringing some much needed life back into the old girl was excellent. Hopefully it’s the kickstarter for the owner to slowly start bringing the rest of the car back to nearly new.
    Davin couldn’t stop smiling at the end which is wicked.
    For me, my work, college assignments, were put on hold for a short time πŸ™‚

  17. Very cool that you and the crew got the 70 T/A up and running. It still sounds like it’s running on 7 cylinders. Maybe the owner will let you replace the rotten headers and dive deeper into the engine. Thanks for a great 2 part episode

  18. I love seeing things like this. Not a total restoration, but something reasonable that most people could do themselves with relatively basic tools. I bought one of those coolant vacuum fillers(Cornwell, because i couldn’t stay off the trucks), and it is one of my favorite tools. Makes it a lot easier and cleaner when having to fill a yard goat woth 6-12 gallons of coolant.

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