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  1. Eu oro todos os dias para que uma música nossa estoura 🙏🏼🎼 eu tenho fé, e sei que um dia vai chegar o dia 😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽 ••••

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  2. That’s pretty sketchy and if something happened to the electric battery you’re a goner! But it’s a cool helicopter, i bet it cost 20 million at least

  3. PROTOTYPES never hit the market. Let’s throw a big tablet in the cockpit and call it electric.

  4. What is the point? Once they get rid of combustion engines travel will be dead.
    Battery powered transport is more environmentally unfriendly than fossiI fuel.

  5. Yes,this is VTOL urban air mobility (UAM) which soon will be a part of the transportation system.,the only thing that holding it for now is to regulate the landing and take off from the virtepad and to find a suitable( location ,access,parking and power for recharging) not forgetting the integration with air traffic. Can’t wait to see them flying in cities which reminds me with Star tracks and the future cities. ❤

  6. fully electric but when it comes to “brace for impact” everyone in that tragic electric plane will die

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