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  1. dont you love it when the interior makes squeaky noises like literally every wood floor ever

    regardlessl of its build quality i must admit that id a glorious sound

  2. For the price, its lights should’ve been laser with night vision, self-healing body, and a lifetime concierge service at the customer’s disposal 24/7/366 at no extra charge no ifs, and or buts. Otherwise is just another expensive car like any other that carry a slew amount of expensive problems and headaches throughout its mundane ownership.

  3. This was my first fast car I fell in love with from the movie with them racing on the e-way for grand prize cash used 2 be the fastest car in the world not anymore

  4. Nice car… 😉😎 That button in the center console. You don’t foresee having someone possibly in the passenger seat having access to it a concern? 🤔

  5. A person lives near me and has one of these as a kit car. You know its a kit car since it sounds like a Peugeot 208

  6. Bien dijo Steve Jobs me preocupé x tener el carro perfecto osea de lujo la buena vida el reconocimiento dela gente osea las gollerias de este mundo hoy qe la muerte asoma mi vida me doy cuenta que todo es una ilusión y la vida simple es la mejor

  7. Beautifull!!
    I have 2 of those sian’s … one is brandnew and the other is used, to play with it.

    Yeah, of cause… Lego sian!

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